Woodstock 99 Deaths, How Many People Died and Injured During Disaster When Netflix Documentary Released

Three-part documentary series about music show Woodstock 99 just available on Netflix, find out about the total fatalities in the disaster

As Woodstock 99 fell into chaos and yes, there was death in the end.

The Netflix series depicts how the show went awry and how viewers rebelled after feeling treated like “animals” and practically setting the stadium on fire. The fact that three people ended up losing their lives there is not mentioned in the television series.

Woodstock 99 Dies, How Many People Died And Injured In Disaster After Netflix Documentary Release

What Happened at Woodstock 99 Caused So Many Deaths There?

The disastrous Woodstock 99 Festival will go down in history as one of the worst festivals ever. It was summoned because of the bad weather, security measures, and the violent, criminal, and mischievous behavior of the crowd. Three people are said to have died as a result of Woodstock 99.

What is Woodstock 99’s Mortality Percentage?

According to Pitchfork, Woodstock 99 resulted in the deaths of three people.

In addition, there were 1,200 on-site medical facility admissions, 44 arrests, and numerous reports of sexual assault. Undoubtedly, more injured people do not seek treatment at on-site medical facilities.

Four women reported rape while at the festival and stated the same. Some even witnessed more sexual assaults. Some took place directly in front of the stage, according to press footage included in the documentary.

People interviewed for Trainwreck claimed that despite explosive performances by bands like Korn in attendance, Limp Bizkit’s performance of the song Break Stuff was the turning point. Throughout the weekend, many in the crowd caused property damage.

Who Turned Off Woodsstock 99?

On Sunday night, the Red Hot Chili Peppers play the festival’s final show, and people are given candles to start a candlelight vigil against gun violence. But then there was another fire that caused even more problems.

The Chili Peppers was the last act to appear despite rumors of covert cover acts, including Guns n’ Roses and Michael Jackson.

The documentary argues that this discontent contributed to the Sunday night crowd, which is shown in several images.

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