Why the fun Lego Masters MasterChef beat the drama-laden MAFS The Bachelor


“Even if your dream isn’t to become a great chef or make amazing things, there’s something about the experience of watching something good happen to someone that truly speaks to our basic human wants and desires. We love to see the underdog or someone who has had a difficult life succeed and win because it really touches us,” said Ferrari.

This emotional investment also feeds us food for what Ferrari calls the “water cooling effect” to engage and connect with other people.

Dramatic confrontations are a dime a dozen on shows like Married at First Sight.

Dramatic confrontations are a dime a dozen on shows like Married at First Sight.Credit:Nine

“Shows like Married at First Sight and lego master both gave us something to talk about with people. For events like Married at First Sight it tends to relate to the negative, but something like MasterChef or lego master much more positive. And for better or for worse, it still offers that connection opportunity,” said Ferrari.

Ex MasterChef contestant Alice Zaslavsky said that unlike other reality shows, finding drama and developing a storyline centered around conflict was never part of the cooking competition’s DNA.


“While there is still archetypal and personality, and the occasional behind-the-scenes drama, none of it is channeled into the moments when the camera is playing. From the perspective of making great TVs, they are more focused on capturing us concentrating on our cooking and getting better faster than milking any of the drama between individual dynamics,” he said.

“The reason this show is so healthy is because these guys are so competitive but they’re also so friendly.”

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While it’s hard to believe that footage of contestants all vying for the same $100,000 prize cheering each other on could possibly be sincere, Zaslavsky says it’s 100 percent authentic.

“You spend so much time together and you bond with each other,” he said, adding, “The chef is a generous person by nature, so I guess that happens.”


Zaslavsky says another success of the feel-good reality is its ability to challenge our understanding of what a hyper-competitive person looks like.

“It teaches you that there is no one way to succeed. You can find loopholes and do it. And, you know, the prize is not only winning, but the experience itself. I’m not saying, ‘The only way I’m going to succeed is if I take number one.’ This is not a zero-sum game.”

For Ferrari, it also goes back to the heart of the show, which is depicting reality.

“These shows give off a sense of normalcy and remind us that we don’t all have to connect through watching a slinging match drama between two people; we can also connect through light and gentle things that make us feel good and feel better.”

lego master back to Nine dan MasterChef back to Ten on April 18th.

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