Watch Mel Gibson’s interview that stopped short after he was asked about Will Smith’s slap in the face at the Oscars

Many are still debating the slap in the face between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars a week ago. Many viewers have heard about the issue through social media, but several high-profile stars have rejected their thoughts. Mel Gibson recently became one of the last to be consulted on the polar issue. However, as soon as this happened, the interview was stopped immediately.

Mel Gibson appeared on Fox News Jesse Watters Primetime to promote his latest film, Father Stu. After asking a series of questions about the upcoming film, Waters asked Gibson what he would do if he were Will Smith. The actor seemed to shudder to hear the question and seemed to shake his palm to solve the question. At that point, an off-camera voice was heard to indicate that the conversation was over. See for yourself in the Twitter excerpt below:

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