Warners To Overhaul Its DC Strategy?

Warning To Overhaul His Dc Strategy

With the Warner Bros. deal. The $43 billion Discovery has been completed and the new company up and running, the new regime at Warner is reportedly exploring an overhaul of the DC Entertainment label, according to a new report in Variety.

David Zaslav, CEO of the newly merged company, along with top leadership are reported to have toyed with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning DC into “its own condensed content vertical” with “a more coherent creative strategy and brand”.

In other words, they wanted to realign things to be more like Marvel Studios and Zaslav is said to have screened a candidate to find someone for the role of “creative and strategic tsar” similar to Marvel’s Kevin Feige.

Such a move could potentially impact the development of the DC feature film, a streaming series on Warner Bros. Television, and DC’s own creative arm to better align the relatively disparate elements.

Sources for trade say Zaslav believes that the merger’s success doesn’t depend on maximizing the full potential of the DC Comics character universe.

Despite the success of “The Batman,” “Aquaman,” the first “Wonder Woman” and “Peacemaker,” they realized that some of the top characters like Superman needed revitalization. They also point to the success of “Joker” as an example of how the second character can and should be exploited.

Strengthening their gaming division will be part of the strategy as well as they have achieved consistency in terms of critical and commercial acceptance in that sector.

Visit Variety for the full story.

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