Warner Bros. Discovery wants DC Universe again

Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill

Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill

Surprise, surprise. Another hard reboot could be done in the future for DC. We do not want to offend anyone, but we do not think we are very controversial when we describe the management of the DC Superhero franchise as Infinite Crisis. Although Warner Bros. Discovery actually started the superhero movie train with Superhuman and Batmansince its release X Menwith a few notable exceptions, it is played second violin at Marvel.

Per VarietyDiscovery, which closed its $ 43 billion merger with WarnerMedia last week, “Plays with the idea of ​​converting DC to its own vertical solidified content”. By removing corporate terminology, this would mean separating DC from Warner Bros. and creating a Marvel Studios type for DC. At least, that’s what we believe. Honestly, we like movies and we like when they are described as a “unified content industry”.

More than anything else, it issmall in the hunt, once again, for the Kevin Feige’s something like that tested with Jacques Snyder in the past. Several gloomy, nihilistic and divisive films later, WB continues to use elements from Snyder’s lyrics to combine the current DC series. Meanwhile, the company also has a well-organized fan base calling for the restoration of the “Schneider-verse”.

Everything is a mess, especially considering how high DC was hiding, say, 2008 after the release of Christopher Nolan. The dark Knight, which is why the company had Nolan produce the first batch of DC films directed by Snyder. The wanted more grounded, but what bored Gods who could not care less about humanity. Obviously, this is a view associated with some fans, but it failed to attract an audience like the MCU.

Well, warm on his heels DC win for the most remarkable moment at the Oscars and Ezra Miller’s ban has been liftedDiscovery believes that DC Universe “does not have a coherent creative and branding strategy.” Variety continues:

Discovery believes that several characters on the top shelf, such as Superman, have been left to wither and need to be refreshed. They also believe that works like Todd Phillips Joker is a shining example of how DC’s second-charge characters can and should be used (Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was another opportunity, however Birds of Prey lost the mark).

To be clear, DC has had some great success lately. After Nolan-verse and Snyder-verse, DC Comics Jon Berg and Geoff Johns take over DC Films, which also ended in controversy. That was when Walter Hamada took over in 2018, Variety Notes, things started to get a lot more consistent.

More recently, Batman has had both critical and commercial success while The Suicide Squad and its spin-off The Peacemaker became sleep successes. Hamada has a contract until 2023 and has some major releases on the horizon, including Dwayne Johnson Black Adam and its sequels Aquaman, Miracle womanand Shazam. There is also the issue of Ezra Miller Shine filmwhich we can only assume does not actually exist and will never be released.

Who knows, maybe one of these days we will have a movie with Superman.

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