US woman humiliated for ‘nuisance’ breasts at dinner | Twitter thread

One woman has detailed when fellow diners humiliated her chest, labeled them “annoying” and moved tables.

A US woman who was humiliated in a restaurant because of her bust size has gone viral after sharing a sordid encounter online.

Adrienne Airhart was celebrating her birthday when a woman at the table next door started commenting on her bust size, she shared in a now viral tweet.

The Los Angeles-based podcaster said he was told his chest was “disturbing” before the woman got up and moved tables.

“Tonight at my birthday dinner I took off my scarf and the lady at the next table said, ‘That’s annoying,’ and moved tables. Still got it!” Adrienne tweeted.

He clarified that the incident was “prejudice against the great realm”.

Adrienne, who is in her 30s, shared a video of her blowing out her birthday candles and wrote: “It’s me last night. I’m not even that hot, that woman is just a hater.”

The tweet has garnered more than 34,000 likes and inspired other women to share similar experiences.

“I will never forget when I was on work experience at the age of 15 and the woman I ‘worked’ wrote in my evaluation that I was dressed inappropriately. I don’t, I wear exactly what they tell me to wear. I only have boobs,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“I wore a red tank top under a red jacket (not zipped, but it’s a uniform) when I worked in a large retail store at 18/19. Called to HR and was told a woman complained about my bad cleavage and they forced me to wear and buy an XXL branded polo,” said another.

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“In college, I was at a bar going to the bathroom and this guy said with a very serious face, ‘You NEED to watch where you go with that stuff.’ Saw him in the cafeteria a few weeks later. There’s no risk of him recognizing me because he’s never seen my face,” said another.

Others didn’t quite understand in response, suggesting Adrienne should have opted for a different outfit than the low-cut orange strappy dress she wore that day.

“Perhaps you should— [sic] different dresses,” answered one person.

“I’ll take things that never happened for 500,” joked another.

“Schools everywhere: I told you,” one user chimed in.

Adrienne is not alone in feeling embarrassed about covering her chest in public. A woman was recently told to cover up because her “big breasts” made “people uncomfortable” at an amusement park.

Whitney Paige Venable, 26, from Florida, visited Universal Studios in Orlando in February and said she was surprised at how she was treated by staff.

The model claims that an employee told her she had to cover her cleavage if she wanted to be allowed into the park.

Whitney wore a white crop top and mint green shorts, but she said many other women wore similar outfits.

“I felt humiliated and embarrassed,” Whitney said.

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