US podcaster Adrienne Airhart claims a woman changed tables at a restaurant because of her big boobs

A woman with “naturally” large breasts was left dumbfounded after a fellow diner got up and changed tables at a restaurant just because of her cleavage.

US podcaster Adrienne Airhart was enjoying her birthday dinner when she decided to take off her scarf, causing her to be publicly humiliated by a woman sitting at another table for her chest size.

Airhart, in her 30s, said the woman complained of her breasts being “annoying” and decided to move to another part of the restaurant.

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Adrienne Airhart
Adrienne Airhart admits she was humiliated by another woman because of her chest size. (Indonesia)

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“Tonight at my birthday dinner I took off my scarf and the lady at the next table said, ‘Well, that’s annoying’ and moved the table. Still got it!” Airhart tweetedtriggered a thread that is now viral.

He went on to claim the woman was “prejudiced against the great realm” and shared a video of her outfit from that night.

“It’s me last night. I’m not even sexy, that woman is just a hater,” Airhart wrote, alongside a clip of him with a birthday dessert.

“Even though her date talks to me when she goes to the bathroom… you can hear it.”

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In videosAirhart was seen happily accepting a plate of dessert while wearing an orange top with ample cleavage.

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Airhart’s tweet received more than 34,000 likes and dozens of replies from women with similar stories.

“I feel yes. Mine is ginormous & natural. One time a woman made her husband change seats during a break in the theater because he was too fussy with me & his eyes took a while to see my cleavage,” wrote one woman.

Another added: “I will never forget when I was on work experience at the age of 15 and the women I ‘worked’ wrote in my evaluation that I was dressed inappropriately. I didn’t, I wore exactly what they said I did. . I only have breasts.”

Meanwhile, Airhart’s anecdote appears to have struck the wrong chord with some Twitter users, who opted to write cruel messages about his appearance.

Adrienne Airhart
Adrienne received a message from a fellow woman who was also humiliated for her bust size. (Indonesia)

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“Me: I’m not that hot They: yes you! Wow,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet, showing the irony of trolling.

“Me: ok maybe I’m hot They: F— you, cocky old lady! (That’s a joke. Thanks for the compliments and the neg — keeps me humble).”

Airhart’s experience of being shamed for her natural body emerged after a model was asked to “cover up” at an amusement park in Florida because she was wearing a crop top.

Model Whitney Paige Venable said she felt “humiliated and embarrassed” when staff at Universal Studios said her clothing choices made people “uncomfortable”.

Venable was wearing a white crop top and green shorts when the incident occurred in June 2021.

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