TikTok Star Claims Shay Mitchell Once Made Her Cry at Festival Revolve

A TikToker claims Pretty Little Liar star Shay Mitchell made her cry at the music festival in 2019.

After being prompted by all the social media content surrounding the Revolve Festival, Brittni Joy share her not-so-beautiful story since she attended the festival.

He didn’t actually say who the celeb was in the early video, but it was later revealed to be Mitchell. We’ll get to that part in a moment.

“I don’t even know if I should share this story. I stayed up all night, rolling around as everyone posted their Festival Revolve performances,” he began.

He remembers attending the festival in 2019 alone.

“I saw this celebrity and he is an influencer/celebrity and has his own business. I kind of admire him,” he said.

Joy “very eager to tell [the celeb] that [she] admire him” and because they have “identical clothes,” he uses it as a way to introduce himself.

Joy recounted going to Mitchell and telling her they were both “twins” because they wore the same outfit and telling the star that she really admired him.

“I swear to God, I left crying,” he said.

Joy claims Mitchell made her feel like “damn earth scum”.


should I share this maybe not but all these TikTok spinning festivals got me thinking about it

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When she approached Mitchell, the actress allegedly “saw” [her] up and down” and then turned around. At the time, Mitchell’s hairdresser allegedly told him: “Yeah, and it was ‘goodbye!'”

TikToker said he immediately unfollowed Mitchell on all social media while he was gone because he understandably took a turn for the star.

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He concluded: “I don’t want to say who it was, but just had to share.”

Before long, the sneaky commentators learned that he was referring to Mitchell as him and PLL the actress wore a similar outfit at the Revolve Festival in 2019.

Not only that, Shay Mitchell also shared a timely photo from the festival with other fans and wrote, “Nice to meet you IRL!”

“He didn’t do damage control on his IG Story,” wrote the fan who shared the IG Story on TikTok.

Joy confirmed on a subsequent TikTok that she was actually talking about Mitchell.

On TikTok, Joy shared an IG Story that fans had dug up and said: “I’m not a bad girl by any means, I’m not attacking anyone, I don’t even want to mention her name in that first video. , but this is so funny.”


Reply to @katherinevanmck #greenscreen

♬ original voice – brittnijoy

On another TikTok, Joy says her interactions with Mitchell have “sticked” to her.

“I would never treat someone like that,” Joy said.

Joy doubled down on the alleged incident while speaking to the Daily Dot.

He said he originally “had no intention of revealing who it was.”

He also insisted that he didn’t want Mitchell to be “canceled” over the incident, but that he hopes the star learns to treat his fans better.

“I believe in human decency and kindness and I think we can all learn from it,” Joy said.

“No matter who you are, you don’t know how you will affect that person.”

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Warning to all the celebrities out there: you better be nice to people because those people could be TikTok stars one day and expose your ass.

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