TikTok is obsessed with this loyal Pitbull who refuses to leave his ‘wife’ side after she gives birth

A proud Pitbull dad has been praised online for staying by his ‘wife’ side after she gave birth to a child puppy.

In now-viral tik tokowner Rody shared a video of his pet dog, named OG, dutifully sitting behind Pitbull’s mother, named Redbone, during mealtime.

Roddy captured the tender moment OG refused to leave Redbone’s side as their eight newborn children were breastfed.

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Loyal Pitbull dad
Roddy captures the intimate moment between Pitbull’s parents. (tick tock)

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“Listen, king, we need to make some notes from you,” Roddy told OG as he recorded.

“I mean, those babies [are] food. You’re just making sure your woman is relaxed and loved. I mean, you know, I raised you to be okay. You live next to your baby mama, watch your baby eat… You’re fine with me, OG.”

The video wowed millions of TikTokers, who were amazed by OG’s devotion to his wife.

Roddy’s clips attracted over 3 million views and thousands of comments.

Loyal Pitbull dad
OG lay beside his ‘wife’ as the puppies suckled. (tick tock)

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“These babies have better family dynamics than most humans,” wrote one woman.

“I was amazed by how much affection he showed,” said another.

One even joked: “I wish I could find a man as good as this dog.”

Loyal Pitbull dad
Roddy also shared a video of OG bonding with his kids. (tick tock)

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Roddy also shared some adorable videos of OG learning to take care of his eight new puppies.

Several clips show how tender and loving Pitbull can be with the newborn puppies, with users calling him the “father of the year”.

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