Thor Love and Thunder figures reveal Gorr, Ravager Thor, and more

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie looks like a perennial, bearded Thor removing his sunglasses in a scene from Avengers: Endgame.

Valkyrie and Odinson have a lot to face in their next adventure.
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Somehow, Spirit Halloween becomes a movie. The cast of Greta Gerwig Barbie The movie continues to get even weirder. David Lynch’s next mysterious work could make his Cannes debut. In addition, Robbie Amell is talking about returning to The lightningand an original Ranger could return for Power Rangers30th season. Spoilers now!

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Spirit Halloween: The Movie

Variety Christopher Lloyd, Rachael Leigh Cook, Donavan Colan, Dylan Frankel, Jaiden Smith and Marissa Reyes will star in a film based on the annual costume store, Spirit Halloween, which will be released in October. Directed by David Poog, the story follows “three high school friends who believe they have overcome the tricks” as they dare to spend Halloween locked in “a new Spirit Halloween shop” that appeared “in a deserted mall. “As expected, the children” soon discover that the store is haunted by an angry evil spirit that has taken over [store’s] creepy animatronic characters. “


Deadline reports that Will Ferrell has joined Greta Gerwig’s cast Barbie in a currently unknown role.


Deadline also reports Sierra McCormick (The vastness of the night) will star alongside Jade Pettyjohn, Brenna D’Amico, Gianni DeCenzo, Bentley Green, Summer Parker and Connor Hammond in Exhaustion, a supernatural horror film by director Tim Donner. The story follows “a group of mourning teenagers, who are being quarantined” who “head to such a much-needed shelter to reconnect and repair their wounds. A meeting then leads to an evening where everything can and does happen. ”

Untitled work by David Lynch

Variety says a new mystery film by David Leeds is set to premiere this year in Cannes, with Laura Dern expected either as a cameo or in a supporting role.

The Invisible Man 2

Elisabeth Moss suggested a sequel The Invisible Man is “not in the back” during a recent interview with Comic book.

I can not really say much, but it certainly is not – they are not necessarily on the back, but I believe that, with any follow-up, you obviously want to make sure you are doing the original justice. And so none of us who participate has any intention of just breaking something else and throwing it away and just seeing what happens. We really want it to be as good, if not better, than the first. Did I finally answer the question at all? It is not on the back. How is this;

As I have [producer] Jason Blum on one shoulder and Universal on the other, and I say, “Please don’t be angry with me.”

Jurassic World: Dominion

A new Jurassic World: Dominion image (via Empire) pays tribute to the Triceratops scene Jurassic Park.

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Thor: Love & Thunder

Pictures of him were recently leaked Love & Thunder Marvel Legends action figures have hit social media, giving us new glances at Odinson in both “Ravager” and his armor, Jane Foster as Mighty Thor and Christian Bale. Gore the butcher. Click to see more.

Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness

Accelerator References Multiverse of Madness runs a refreshingly short two-hour, six-minute run — making it the shortest MCU movie since Captain Marvel.

The North

Alexander Skarsgard promises Anya Taylor-Joy that he will “haunt this farm like a hungry corpse returned from the grave” in a new clip from The North.

Meanwhile, a second clip shows Fjölnir (Claes Bang) putting a sword to the neck of King Aurvandill (Ethan Hawke) … which already has some arrows protruding.

The Peacemakers

A pair of costume aliens reluctantly visit Earth to save the universe in the trailer for The Peacemakers.

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank

Samuel L. Jackson voices the voices of a samurai cat that trains a dog that trains Michael Cera’s voice in the trailer for Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hankwith co-stars Michelle Yeoh, Mel Brooks, George Takei, Djimon Hounsou, Ricky Gervais, Gabriel Iglesias and Kylie Kuioka.

Power Rangers

The salt shakers are ready, but a new report from The Illuminerdi claims original Blue Ranger, David Yost, reportedly returns as Billy Cranston for “at least one” episode of Power RangersThe upcoming 30th season.

The lightning

Fake photos from the penultimate episode of the eighth season reveal a brand new speedster character (believed to be Meena “Fast Track” Dhawan) was played by 4400Kausar Mohammed. Head to Canadagraphs Take a look.

Robbie Amell spoke about it TV line on the various flashbacks to Ronnie and Caitlin in this week’s episode The lightning.

It was really fun to do them. I had not seen Danielle for many years, because when I was in Vancouver filming [Prime Video’s] Download and was shooting The lightning last year, it was COVID top time and we never had a chance to be together. So it was nice to see her and see Grant [Gustin] and we talk about having families, because that’s how it’s done that long. Danielle and I were joking about how we certainly did not look the same age we did when flashbacks were supposed to take place. I thought it was very cute. They did a good job showing you the spark between them from the one you did not see in season 1. It was really charming.

Later in the interview, Amell declined to say how his character returned from the grave as The Black Flame.

This is a good question, and people much smarter than me should answer it. But I’ve already died three times on the show – or was it four? – so if I can come back many times, this should come as no surprise.

Casper, the friendly ghost

Deadline reports a “darker”, lively action Casper, the friendly ghost The series is in progress in Peacock by executive producer Kai Yu Wu (The Ghost Bride). Described as an “adult story that explores what it means to be alive”, the series follows “a new family” as they reach “the small town of Eternal Falls”. Upon their arrival, Casper finds himself entangled in a mystery, revealing dark secrets that have been buried for more than 100 years.

Kung Fu

Juliet is looking for a mysterious stone in the synopsis of “The Alchemist”, the episode of April 27 Kung Fu.

As Nicky (Olivia Liang) discovers the secrets behind a mysterious stone that Juliet (guest star Annie Q) is looking for, Henry (Eddie Liu) reveals a shocking revelation about his father. Elsewhere, Althea (Shannon Dang) prepares for investor meetings for its implementation, and Dennis (Tony Chung) receives an ultimatum from his dad.

[Spoiler TV]

Interview with the vampire

AMC has released an atmospheric teaser trailer for its new Interview with the vampire TV series.


Finally, AMC has also released a short teaser for its new moon shaping series. Moonhaven.

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