Thor 4 Trailer Receives Exciting Update From Vocal Actor Chris Hemsworth

The anticipation for Thor: Love and Thunder was high, as evidenced by the demand of fans for its official trailer. The upcoming sequel is still scheduled for release in July, but marketing has not yet begun. As a result, the wait for its first footage has made headlines and the history of the MCU in recent weeks, leading everyone to speculate as to why Marvel Studios is not releasing the trailer online.

Although the promotion has not yet increased, Chris Hemsworth’s earlier confirmation that the film’s press tour had begun gave everyone hope that the trailer could arrive soon.


Now, like Love and ThunderFollowing its release, a major update on the much-discussed trailer emerged.

Is the Thor 4 trailer coming soon?

Gaurav Chopra, who plays Chris Hemsworth as Hindi actor, shared a new story on Instagram to inform fans about his long-awaited trailer Thor: Love and Thunder.

In the post, Chopra confirmed that it is “Done” working on the trailer, sharing a picture of a compilation studio where he recorded the lines of Thor’s trailer in Hindi:


Thor: Love and Thunder trailer update

“The #thorloveandthunder trailer is complete! I look forward to seeing it !!”

When will the Thor 4 trailer be released?

This latest update on Thor: Love and Thunder It should serve as a good sign for those fans who are waiting for the first trailer of the movie and there are previous data that show when it could be released.

In August 2021, the same thing happened Spider-Man: No Way Home. On August 14, scooter Amit Chaudhari revealed that the first trailer for the three-wheeler led by Tom Holland had been dubbed in India. After 10 days, the trailer was officially released during CinemaCon and later online.

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Based on this previous schedule, there may be a shorter interval between Gaurav Chopra’s compilation session and his actual release Love and thunder ‘trailer, mainly because there is no big event coming soon. There is a possibility that Marvel Studios will release the trailer a week later or even the same week.


At this stage, Love and Thunder holds the record for the shortest Trailer marketing window in MCU history. Whether the album will continue remains to be seen, but the signs strongly indicate that its trailer will premiere sooner rather than later.

Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled to premiere in theaters on July 8.


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