The Voice Australia 2022: Auditions rocked as Jessica Mauboy makes a ‘brutal’ move to secure artist

It was a moment that had Voice the audience gasped, as coach Jessica Mauboy blocked Keith Urban from having an artist on his team.

But this is not just any artist.

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Kaylee Bell, 32, sings a song about Keith, entitled keitoin front of Keith – and he probably wants to be on Team Keith.

“I think Keith is very talented, and he deserves his own song,” said the New Zealand country singer-songwriter, who wrote the song about Keith.

As the song started, Keith quickly rang the bell, followed by Jess then Guy Sebastian and Rita Ora.

The coaches react to Keith's name in Kaylee's song.
The coaches react to Keith’s name in Kaylee’s song. Credit: Seven

As Kaylee started singing Keith’s name, the coaches started putting the pieces together and started laughing, as a visibly excited Keith watched proudly.

“That’s crazy,” Keith exclaimed as the song ended.

Rita asks: “Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Did you just sing Keith’s name in a song?”

Kaylee confirmed their suspicions, making Guy joke: “Then we really don’t stand a chance.

“Wait, so you wrote a song about Keith, and we turned our chairs around, hoping to throw you.”

Keith listened to Kaylee's song.
Keith listened to Kaylee’s song. Credit: Seven

Guy then asked what some words of the song were, “Because I heard ‘with ME on the radio’, and obviously, I hear the name ‘Keith’ quite often.”

Kaylee explained: “I had this crazy idea to write a song, and cram in as many Keith song titles as I could to tell the story.

“I just wanted to write a song that felt like Keith, because Keith has a feeling about his music that I really like.”

Not Team Keith

As part of Jess’s pitch, she told Kaylee: “I have a feeling Team Jess would be perfect for you, to be honest.

“I will fight for you because there is absolutely no one like you on my team.”

Keith then began: “Kaylee, I found out about the song because someone had posted and told me about it, and sent me a video -”

Jess gently pressed the 'block' button.
Jess gently pressed the ‘block’ button. Credit: Seven

The 54-year-old was then silenced by the unmissable ‘blocked’ sign in front of him, as well as screams from the audience.

Keith was blocked by Jess, meaning he couldn’t have Kaylee on his team.

“You are kidding!” Keith shouted.

“Are you kidding me? He literally just sang a song with my name in it, and I got blocked!”

Jess shrugged, “Yeah, he sang a song about you, but I said I’d fight for him.”

Keith reacted to Jess's block.
Keith reacted to Jess’s block. Credit: Seven

“Apparently,” Keith muttered.

Jess continued: “And I mean that. You know, I can give you the country, I can even hear you sing Maggie Rogers, so we can explore it.

“But apart from that too, I think you really stand out and I like that about you.”

Keith, clearly at a loss for words, simply referred to Jess as “Judas”, a common reference for being a traitor.

“Can I re-pitch?” Guy joked, now realizing he had a chance.

Keith went on to explain how he knew Kaylee’s song, Keith.

Kaylee listened to the jury's tone.
Kaylee listened to the jury’s tone. Credit: Seven

“A friend of mine told me about it,” he said.

“I couldn’t believe how exciting it was and how radio-like it sounded.

“And I’ve never had a song written about me before.

“But the fact that you also wrote it about the songs, and the titles and the feelings in them – it’s very touching, Kaylee.

“Really, I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Keith then turned his attention to his fellow judges, “Jess, that was brutal.”

Jess’ bold move finally paid off for the coach, as Kaylee chose to be a part of Team Jess.

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