The Thor 4 trailer has just broken an annoying MCU record

Marvel Studios is officially released with the release schedule of 2022, having started with Knight of the Moon before May Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. As fans are well aware, the next theatrical release to make its debut is MCU’s 35th play, July Thor: Love and Thunder. However, you may not know it when you look Thor 4he misses the promotional tour.

In the post-pandemic era, studio release plans for movie releases have changed dramatically, especially as to when they make their trailer debut in relation to big-screen movie premieres. Marvel fans saw it recently with the unexpectedly long wait Spider-Man: No Way Homehis first trailer, and now, the same anticipation returns for Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo film.


Although the MCU is growing faster than ever (it will include almost 40 registrations by the end of 2022), Thor 4 is now in a league of his own on the limited time he devotes to promoting via official videos.

While the commercialization of leaked images and photos has certainly affected some exciting graphics, including colorful new costumes and a compelling story, fans still do not Thor 4His long-awaited first trailer. Now, as fans eagerly await the first signs of life on the promotional tour, this drought is so great that it has set a new disappointing mark in Marvel’s trailer history.

Thor 4 Breaks the MCU trailer record

MCU currently includes 27 movies released in theaters between 2008 and 2021, with three more to be released this year. Direct has analyzed the promotional window for each of these films, specifically looking at the time lag between the first trailer of each film and its release in the US.


Marvel Studios
The Immediate

At the high end, in 2012 The Avengers holds the record for the longest promotional tour (280 days) thanks to the first trailer of the film which served as the second scene after the 2011 release Captain America: The First Avenger.

Prior to the date of this publication, The incredible Hulk was the MCU record holder for the shortest time between a movie’s first trailer and its premiere, starting its promotional tour 93 days before June 13, 2008.

Now, from April 7, 2022, there are only 92 days left Thor: Love and Thunder’s July 8, 2022, the theatrical debut – without a trailer on the horizon. Hence, Thor 4 has broken the record he previously held The incredible Hulk to make the Marvel Studios movie the shortest trailer marketing window in MCU history (assuming Chris Hemsworth’s sequel retains its premiere in July).

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It should also be noted that while Black WidowThe first first trailer of the film made its debut in December 2019, the film was delayed several times before the release of new trailers before its arrival on July 9, 2021. With this in mind, the average screening of Phase 4 is 140 days and the average condition for MCU movies in total is 169 days.

Thor: Love and Thunder It also comes with a shorter time frame for promotion than last year Spider-Man: No Way Home, which now has the third smallest empty trailer in 116 days. The first trailer of this threequel was released on August 23, 2021, just less than four months before its release on December 17.

How long does Thor 4 last?

Thor 4 characters

Of course, the immediate reaction to finding out about this album will be the question: what does it take so long for Marvel Studios to be released? Love and Thunderhis first trailer? Well, the simple answer could be that Marvel has other important Phase 4 entries that deserve their time in the foreground in the near future.


MCU has never had so many projects released so close to each other in history, with two Disney + shows and two movies making their debut in three months from each other. This includes Knight of the Moonruns from March 30 to May 4, Doctor Strange 2 on May 6, Mrs. Marvel on June 8 and Thor 4 on July 8th.

In terms of specifics, Doctor Strange 2 It is now officially one month since its premiere on the big screen. Tickets for the sequel, which Marvel is taking the opportunity to promote, have just been released. Combine this extra promotional material with the first two episodes Knight of the Moon is now available for streaming on Disney + and it looks like a Thor 4 The trailer could possibly get lost in the mix.

It is almost impossible to imagine that Marvel would be released at first glance Thor 4 the exact same day that Doctor Strange 2 Tickets are available for purchase – even to do so within a few days of this seems very unlikely. In addition, considering the recent patterns for MCU trailer versions, this may be a trend that will continue in the future.

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MCU promotion tours continue to get shorter

Thor Love and Thunder, Spider-Man

Looking at the graph mentioned earlier, Marvel and Disney are starting to tend to have smaller promotional windows for MCU movies, especially after recent events.

The average Phase 1 time between the first trailer and the release was just under 170 days for the first six films. The six outputs of Phase 2 were on average around 183, the number of Phase 3 was below 180 for its 11 entries and Phase 4 (as mentioned above) is 140 so far for anything before Thor 4.

Phase 1 also contains the second smallest number (The incredible Hulk) together with two of the three largest in the mixture Iron Man and The Avengers. Meanwhile, Phase 4 can now boast of two of the three shortest promotions thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home and now, Thor: Love and Thunder.


Spider-Man 3Its short window could have contributed to the box office record success, which came with the second-biggest opening weekend in history, before becoming the sixth highest-grossing film ever made. Although it was not the only factor, there is no doubt that Marvel saw the potential of these numbers, especially considering Doctor Strange 2His window is less than three weeks longer.

Thor 4 may not have enough the star power of its two theatrical predecessors, but it has more than enough to justify a major publicity stunt for its upcoming debut. Combine that with the fact that Phase 4 already has three of the five shortest promotional tours in MCU history and there is no doubt that the franchise is moving towards having less time for the official promotion promotion of each entry.

All of this still holds one question in the minds of fans: when does Marvel plan to release Thor: Love and Thunderhis first official trailer?


Thor 4 Trailer – Sooner An Later;

Although this record-breaking moment is one that has disappointed and annoyed fans, it does not mean that Marvel will not bring Any promotional material for Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo release.

Thor: Love and Thunder will inevitably have its first trailer. Every MCU project in the franchise’s 14-year history has had a promotional tour and the team is not changing course now after so much success for over a decade. On top of all that, there may be a sign that this trailer is closer than many fans expected.

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On April 4, Hemsworth officially helped launch Thor: Love and ThunderHis promotional tour with a picture of himself, Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson sitting for an interview together. While the big news was that the star confirmed the start of the press tour, the most interesting detail could possibly come from the positions of the trio’s hands in the image.


Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson

In this image, Waititi holds a finger in each hand, while Hemsworth and Thompson both have two fingers in each hand. Some fans have argued that this could be a sign of waiting for 11/22/4 or April 11, 2022, a little less than a week from now.

If this is the date Thor: Love and ThunderThe first trailer of the film arrives, it would start the promotional tour of the film 88 days before its theatrical debut, breaking The incredible Hulkhis former record by five days. But with that in mind, this might be the day to look out for.

This coming Monday will be almost a week after tickets go on sale Doctor Strange 2and would still be leaving more than 24 hours before his episode 3 Knight of the Moon debut. It will leave enough time for the other two entries to shine as they come straight to the middle Knight of the Moonof the season and almost a month ago Doctor Strange 2 debut in theaters.


No matter when this trailer comes out, there is so much anticipation around it that it is sure to spark the internet in anticipation of Thor making his MCU debut in almost three years. With Disney + shows setting their own television records and Marvel surpassing the highs of two other epic group expenses, this cosmopolitan sequel will only continue this upward trend.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to hit theaters on July 8.

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