The Sul Kyung-gu, Park Hae-soo Thriller is lukewarm

Yaksha Ruthless Operations (야차) is a police-drama-thriller film directed by Na Hyun and stars Sul Kyung-gu, Park Hae-soo, Yang Dong-keun and Lee El, along with other cast members. The film lasts 125 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as follows:

When assigned to a dangerous city to inspect a Black Ops team and its infamous leader, a notable prosecutor enters a deadly war between spies.

– Yaksha Ruthless Operations review does not contain spoilers –

When you have two people from Squid toyyou know it will be interesting. Yaksha Ruthless Operations makes it clear from the first scene that he is not joking – a Buddha bomb, a chase sequence and running over someone. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to start watching this action-adventure movie. Beyond that, it is a show of strength, greed and politics.

Yaksha Ruthless Operations

Let’s clarify one thing – Yaksha Ruthless Operations is a beautiful movie. The colors are rich and the night scenes look enchanting, especially those of the horizon. It is a pleasure to watch and the background rating is also excellent. Another thing that is absolutely necessary when it comes to action movies, is obviously the action sequences. I found that the action sequences are quite simple but effective. Lots of fire instead of hand-to-hand combat. It’s nothing out of the world, but it’s not bad. I wish they had tried to do more interesting things instead of just shooting bullets from one end to the other. But, they do not. So this is something you have to be okay with.

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As Prosecutor Ji Hoon travels to Shenyang on a secret NIS mission, he reveals more than he bargained for. As he learns things about the dirty basement of an area full of spies, you get carried away in the dark by another agent, nicknamed Yaksha. It’s a firebrand with tons of dialogue and is fascinating in some places. The film takes its time to go to Shenyang, but when it does, it picks up its pace quickly.

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Yaksha Ruthless Operations

Yaksha Ruthless OperationsHowever, it has more political motives than action. You receive long series of conversations where there are reports and explanations of what is happening and it is calmer than I honestly expected. It does not make it bad or boring, but it is definitely different from the expectations one can have when it comes to movies like these. It is interesting to walk the Chinese alleys full of secrets and spies… and the occasional rat attack.

Although without a lot of quick fights, the movie is quite moving and thrilling and you will be stuck on the screen regardless of the subject. As the team does one crazy thing after another, you wonder who else is corrupt and if another nation is involved in the shit. Everything is said and done, at 2 o’clock, however, it crawls after a while. It presents a variation of the same things that reduce such a long run time and a faster resolution would make it a more interesting watch.

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Yaksha Ruthless Operations

Either way, the film has some great chemistry between the various characters, especially between Ji-hoon and Kang-in. While the former is the most law-abiding citizen out there, the latter feels that the law does not apply to him. So you can only imagine how it can evolve. It is fun to watch them fight and fight constantly in these stressful situations.

Summing up: Yaksha Ruthless Operations

Yaksha Ruthless Operations

Yaksha Ruthless Operations is interesting and high octane, although its 2-hour running time can be a bit of a problem. It is a bit sluggish during the last leg and lacks the action we desperately crave, which makes watching it a mixed bag.

Yaksha: Ruthless Businesses broadcast on Netflix.

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