The streets of Toronto were turned into New York for another Netflix shoot

Toronto rarely plays itself on screen, Pixar Turning Red’s latest movie is a recent exception to the 416 movie-making trend of being a cheaper double in US cities like New York or Chicago thanks to generous tax rebates .

And anyone passing through the Berkeley and Esplanade area this week got a little taste of the Big Apple as scenes from a fake New Yorker were spotted in the neighborhood as part of a Netflix production.

This show is Sex / Life, an American drama that is now shooting its second season here in Toronto, after its first season produced in nearby Mississauga.

For the most recent shoot, film crews took over the playground at David Crombie Park and the nearby Canadian Stage Company building at 26 Berkeley Street.

The scenes were gathered with the preparation that started on Wednesday morning, with the shooting following on Thursday afternoon and ending on Friday night. Berkeley Street has been closed by The Esplanade and Front all along to allow filming to continue undisturbed.

Shooting spins were added to turn the scenes into a compelling stand-in in New York City, such as a subway entrance model, New York cars, a New York taxi, an FDNY ambulance, and even smaller details such as outdated boxes. newspapers with the USA and New York publications.

It’s a short trip to see these fake subway entrances – full of convincing rust and graffiti – away from any underground passage in areas of the city they would dream of having access to. This is just another reminder of how huge New York’s express transportation system is.

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Filming for the second season of Sex / Life has started two months ago, starting in early February and will end on May 6.

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