The Prehistoric Planet Trailer brings to life dinosaur documentaries

The Apple TV Prehistoric Planet trailer follows a young T-Rex on its breakfast hunt and gives an inside look at how dinosaurs lived before.

The trailer for Prehistoric Planet brings the dinosaurs to life in footage for upcoming documentaries. Prehistoric Planet is an Apple TV documentary that will focus on dinosaurs, not as predators to be feared, but as animals that want to survive like everyone else. The series is produced by Jon Favreau and Mike Gunton, with David Attenborough’s storytelling talents and a musical score by Hans Zimmer.

The first official secret look for the series was released by Apple TVof the YouTube channel on April 2. The short trailer opens with newborn turtles making their way from the sand to the ocean and then reveals the real issue in the background, a young tyrannosaurus Rex hoping to catch his breakfast. The dinosaur is admirably unsuccessful in its efforts, because as the well-known voice of Attenborough confirms, this animal has the necessary instincts, but does not have the experience to finish the hunt. The video ends with the young creature retreating back to a larger tyrannosaurus rex that, at the moment, Attenborough says “it ‘s just to be a father. “ See the following:


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The clip manages to love the tyrannosaurus rex in a way that only incredible shots and Attenborough’s relaxing voice could. The shots are also shockingly realistic and move with a fluidity that removes any thought of construction. In contrast, dinosaurs look and feel as if they were observed in nature and filmed in the same way that documentaries are usually made.

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The trailer also makes sure to specifically mention the presence of feathers in the young dinosaur. Although the fact that dinosaurs had wings is now relatively well known, it’s a good omen to see the creators working to make the series historically and biologically accurate. This, combined with the neutral discussion of the animal by Attenborough, implies that Prehistoric Planet will aim to go beyond simply praising or discrediting dinosaurs and give a realistic representation of how they might have been in real life.

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