“The Northman” First Reactions: Robert Eggers’s film is Gnarly Epic

Robert Egers’s $ 90 million Viking revenge epic officially has a wow factor according to the first reactions of journalists.

Robert Eggers has done it again with “The Northman”.

The author-director’s third feature film behind “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse” tells a Viking revenge story based on the same Scandinavian folk tale that inspired Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

The busy cast – including Alexander Skarsgård, Ethan Hawke, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe, Ralph Ineson and Björk – as well as the exhausting 87-day production, drove the “North” into a state of intrigue even before its release. of.

IndieWire chief film critic David Ehlrich He wrote“All you need to know about The Northman – a $ 90 million Vikings revenge film directed by Robert Eggers – is that every moment looks like a $ 90 million Vikings revenge film directed by Robert Eggers.”

While IndieWire executive editor Kate Erbland said the film “falls between ‘HELL YES’ and ‘OH NO’ with astonishing regularity,” Deputy Editor-in-Chief Ryan Lattanzio thought the film might not have pushed things far enough. (“Needed more incest”).

Journalist Jack King, whose work appeared on GQ and Vulture, famous“It is a pity that the NORTH has been criminally abused because that is exactly what it should aspire to and still has the potential to be the cinema. Formally bold but hospitable. easy to follow, but not, simply, a tour. Five big stars. Björk! »

Unilad’s entertainment writer Cameron Frew called “North” an “incredible” movie, tweeting, “Like, he fell to his knees,” HOW the hell did they do that? “Good.” The movie “Breathtaking” “deserves to be a huge success”.

Rolling Stone senior critic David Fear compared “The Northman” to a painting by Frank Frazetta. “I give him 5/5 crows that kill,” he said uploaded to Twitter.

Variety journalist Tomris Laffly was added that the film has “amazing choreography” and is “awesome in ways I still can not fully believe.” While the film is not “without its failures”, “The Northman” is still “the kind of film whose existence looks like a miracle today”.

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Fandango’s Eric Davis He wrote“Robert North Egers’s ‘The Northman’ is basically visceral and super exciting. You will certainly not be able to take your eyes off this blood-stained revenge story. Alexander Skarsgνrd is a BEAST and beast everywhere. Nicole Kidman has some scenes that amazed me. Bold and devilish. “

It seems that Skarsgård deserved to be “tied up and dragged” on set for his “most difficult job”.

Earlier, Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarρόνn praised the “very complicated” film that gives viewers the “almost drunken impression”. “You’re there and you’re breathing with these actors,” Cuarρόνn told The New Yorker in a profile of Egers’s practical and historically accurate filmmaking techniques.

See the reactions of the critics below.

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