The MCU chart reveals which Marvel heroes had the most time on screen

A Marvel fan creates a graph that ranks the top 15 characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by screen time and reveals some amazing results.

A graph made by fans reveals which Marvel characters have the most time on the screen Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, proposed a common universe for Marvel characters, similar to what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did with their original comics in the 1960s. MCU released its first feature film in 2008 and the franchise now includes over twenty movies, several Disney + live action series, short films and comic book series.

The MCU currently consists of four phases. Phases 1, 2 and 3 are collectively known as “The Infinity Saga”. They narrate the Avengers journey from the beginning of the heroes until they must unite to face Thanos and save the universe. Since launching MCU, Marvel Studios has released both solo films to feature individual characters, such as Captain America: The First Avengerand crossover movies that link characters and timelines, such as The Avengers. Phase 4 started with the Disney + series WandaVision and uses both its feature films and series to expand the MCU beyond the universe of The Infinity Saga.


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As big as the MCU is now, an internet fan has organized a small part of it. Reddit user LeoJimenez217 posted a graph revealing the top 15 MCU characters by screen time. The user created the graph using data from IMDb. The graph shows the screen time in seconds and takes into account only live action series or functions produced by Marvel Studios. Iron Man leads the rankings with a whopping 21,525 seconds on screen, while Spider-Man holds second place with 15,030 seconds. See the chart below:

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Unsurprisingly, Iron Man is first on the screen, considering that Iron Man the movie started the MCU in first place. However, other characters in the list are unexpected. Kate Bishop is in 13th place, even though she has just appeared Hawkeye, but Nick Fury does not even make the chart even though he appears in more than ten MCU movies. In addition, the creator of the graph explained that each version of each character portrayed by an actor counted the screen time of that character, so each Loki variation played by Tom Hiddleston was grouped like the three Visions portrayed by Paul Bettany.

As Phase 4 continues and the MCU expands further, more Marvel characters will share the screen. For example, the upcoming Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness not only will he have the Scarlet Witch along with his title character, but he will also introduce America Chavez to the MCU. Probably because Phase 4 has more crossovers, no character will be able to meet the huge lead that Iron Man currently holds. However, it would be interesting to see this chart update as MCU goes on.

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Source: LeoJimenez217

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