The Marvel CEO is honest about the MCU lack of design

There are many reasons why the MCU continues to win: consistent quality, overproduction and interconnected storytelling on a scale never before seen. During the Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios spent over ten years introducing heroes and villains to the public and making an epic conclusion that made audiences invest so much that it became the greatest film of all time.

Of course, the many works that have been released in the last 14 years come from countless creative geniuses, but one man is at the helm of all: Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. The popular producer has been involved in every movie and series coming out of the MCU and is ultimately the one who makes the final decisions and plans that keeps everything connected.


For years, fans have been talking about Feige’s overall plan for the MCU, with the producer said to have mapped the next decade of Marvel’s stories. But according to a recent review by a Marvel director, things may not be exactly as planned.

Marvel CEO reveals no MCU plan

Russo Brothers, Marvel

During a recent meeting at the Sands International Film Festival, via Deadline, Avengers: Endgame Co-director Joe Russo discussed Marvel Studios’ lack of planning for the future of the MCU.

Russo was asked if he and co-director Anthony’s brother were forced to include Spider-Man and Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War to create future projects. In response, the manager explained that “There is no real plan” why if “the movie [they’re] construction of tanks ” then the plans should change:

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“No, the way it works at Marvel is μαι I’m sure at some point someone will talk about it in detail, but part of Kevin [Feige]Its brilliance is that there is really no design. There is an idea, but you can not have a plan if the movie is doing tanks. “There is no plan after that, right?”

The director went on to explain how the excitement would see them after the success of a film “What else could [they] I am doing,” revealing that “Many things were made” between Infinity War and Game over:

“Well, it ‘s really about it, as the movie was a success, then there was a kind of excitement about’ Well, what else could we do? ‘ And that was when new ideas would come out, right? And there were hopes, we hope that one day we will be able to get to history if you continue to do that, right? “We may all get there, you know, like Infinity War and Endgame, but a lot of things were made between movies, right?”

Russo even confirmed that many references to the past or the future were “I thought after the event.” The popular director cited Bucky as an example who killed Tony Stark’s parents as the revelation was teased in Captain America: The Winter Soldier but obviously did not think about it until Civil War:

“And I believe [those] Call-forwards or callbacks thought afterwards, right? As if we did not have a Civil War [broken down] and we did not know it by showing you the scene with Zola as this old thug of Hydra in Winter Soldier… [and he’s] telling him about Winter Soldier and there’s a picture of Stark’s parents, right? He killed them… And it is implied that he is connected. This was accidental. Then, after the movie came out, and we had to do the Civil War, we said, ‘Well, that’s a crazy idea… so Tony could be so angry with Cap that he wanted to kill him. his friend had killed his parents. “

The Marvel director went on to explain how “transformation of these ideas” after the event can be enjoyable and it is “in many ways the secret Marvel sauce:”

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So, we come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun. But I think in many ways Marvel’s secret sauce was to ride a bucking bronco. It was not premeditated. “

Is Kevin Feige MCU Masterplan a myth?

Having taken the helm The winter soldier, Civil War, Infinity Warand Game over, Joe and Anthony Russo have been at the center of MCU’s biggest expenses for five years. Given the complex role the duo played in bringing the Infinity Saga to its climax, they are the perfect people to explain how the MCU plans its future.

Based on Joe Russo’s comments, it seems that many of the biggest upheavals and surprises of the MCU may not be as planned as the fans thought. But of course, it makes sense to plan where things will go next after measuring the audience’s reactions, as opposed to rushing down a path that can only lead to frustration.

Just because these decisions are made only as the MCU progresses, does not mean that seeds are not planted that may or may not become something. Avengers: Age of Ultron disturbed Steve Rogers’s ability to lift Mjolnir. apparently, this paid off years later Game overbut that does not mean it should.


This does not necessarily mean that Feige has no idea where things are going. The president of Marvel Studios almost certainly has a roadmap with the projects he wants to do and the stories he wants to tell, but the specific story beats are probably decided closer to the era.

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The Russo brothers have already teased that they are still in talks to return to directing Marvel in the future. But for now, their entire MCU portfolio – including The winter soldier, Civil War, Infinity Warand Game over – now broadcast on Disney +.


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