The husband of Melissa Caddick’s stock claims a share of the millions he owns in property, luxury cars and jewelry

Melissa Caddick’s husband is trying to reclaim some of the millions of property, cars, jewelery and designer clothing owned by the Sydney con artist.

Anthony Koletti, who married Caddick in 2013, filed a statement with Federal Court on Tuesday claiming his financial contributions to the household during 2017-2020 meant he was entitled to a share of his wife’s assets.

These include two homes in Dover Heights and Edgecliff that are valued at about $20 million, a Gucci Ms Caddick wedding dress and various pieces of jewelry valued at more than $95,000.

Mr Koletti said the widespread media attention surrounding Ms Caddick’s actions and her death had allegedly prevented her from securing stable employment outside of casual hairdressing work.

Caddick’s vast assets are in the process of being liquidated to pay back some of the $23 million he stole from investors in his Ponzi scheme.

The 49-year-old man disappeared in November 2020, a day after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) raided his Dover Heights home.

His rotting leg was found three months later on Bournda Beach near Tathra, about 500 kilometers south of Sydney.

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Anthony Koletti says his late wife’s fame has made it difficult for him to find work. (Facebook: Anthony Koletti)

In his statement, Mr Koletti said that financial and non-financial contributions to the household – including performing duties as a housewife and caring for Caddick’s son – meant he was entitled to a share of his late wife’s estate.

Mr Koletti is seeking pieces from the following sales:

  • Five-bedroom house in Dover Heights – estimated value: $15-$17 million.
  • Three bedroom apartment in Edgecliff – estimated value: $4 million.
  • Various luxury cars — $360,000 (already sold)
  • Various stocks — $7 million

Mr Koletti seeks full ownership of the following:

  • Five paintings by Australian artist John Olsen
  • Gucci Ms Caddick pengantin wedding dress
  • 18 ct white gold cross from Canturi – $8,360 worth.
  • 18 ct white gold Onxy cufflinks — $5,600.
  • 18 ct white gold and sapphire ring — $10,450.
  • 18 ct white gold skull pendant — $6,300.
  • Diamond ring made by Canturi — $33,960.
  • Mr Koletti’s wedding ring — $26,500.
Mr Koletti claims a share of the proceeds from the sale of the $15 million home in Dover Heights he shares with Melissa Caddick. (provided)

The Federal Court has ruled that Caddick and his company, Maliver Pty Limited, operate without a financial services license.

He ordered that the company be dissolved and Ms Caddick’s assets distributed by the beneficiaries.

The criminal charges against Caddick were withdrawn to allow the civil case in Federal Court to proceed.

NSW investigators last week confirmed a start date for the investigation into Caddick’s disappearance.

Last year there was uncertainty about whether the coroner would hold an inquest but hearings have been confirmed for September 12 to 26.

Police have previously said the fact that Caddick left personal items at his home suggests he committed suicide.

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