The Doctor Strange 2 report confirms the main character of homosexuals

Doctor Strange in Multiverse of MadnessThe story seems to be a hell of an adventure as the audience follows the title of Benedict Cumberbatch magician through Multiverse as he tries to prevent reality from collapsing. However, he will not be alone. Newcomer Xochitl Gomez will be coming with him as America Chavez.

What makes her role so special is how she has the ability to travel between universes, a force that is undoubtedly useful in a film that explores the Multiverse. Rumor has it that America’s star-shaped gates will be her ticket out of the doomed reality and into MCU-Prime, where she will seek the help of Stephen Strange.


Another important part of the character is that he is gay in comics. Naturally, many fans fear that both Disney and Marvel Studios may try to avoid explicitly characterizing or showing this side of the reality-making hero.

Well, rest assured, this is not something that people should worry about anymore.

Chavez America has been confirmed to be gay

Marvel Studios America Chavez

In a new report by The Hollywood Reporter, a basic information about the new character of Xochitl Gomez was revealed in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness.


According to their sources, the Doctor Strange sequel will recognize that America Chavez is gay, as in the comics. No further details were given about Chavez, who will be an important player later.

More Gay characters are welcome

Doctor Strange 2, LGBTQ

People can not be accused of being concerned about the recognition of the LGBTQIA + community when it comes to Disney. But with Marvel Studios involved, there is at least a little more hope for better representation than usual. After all, they seemed to be manipulating Eternal very well, providing the MCU’s first gay superhero and avoiding censorship where they could.

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This is not the first time that the issue of Chavez’s possible sexuality has been raised at the MCU. Previously, some merchandise for the film showed details of her costume, which contained the Pride Flag as well as the quote “love is love” in Spanish.


Marvel Studios continues to push representation in the right direction and one can only hope that this trend will continue. With Wanda’s kids potentially more in the spotlight, fans may even get Wiccan and Hulkling romance from the comics sooner rather than later.

First, however, MCU believers need to see what happens to their mother so far Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness ยป credits role in all rooms on 5 May.


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