The deleted scenes of Adam Project reveal another moving moment of Jennifer Garner

The recently deleted scenes from The Adam Project reveal an emotional moment from Jennifer Garner in the latest Netflix science fiction adventure.

It was recently released The Adam Project The deleted scenes reveal another moving moment from Jennifer Garner in the latest Netflix science fiction movie. Shawn Levy’s time travel adventure was a huge success with fans making its debut the third highest for the streaming giant. The Adam Project topped Netflix’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Netflix Originals at 7, Reynolds’s third award-winning film along with Michael Bay action thriller Basement and the adventure of Dwayne Johnson’s friend’s robbery Red alert.

The Adam Project Starring Reynolds as Adam Reed, a pilot who travels in time to land in 2022 and has to work with his 12-year-old smart younger self (Walker Scobell) to save the future from selfish businesswoman Maya Sorian (Catherine). Keener) who seeks to control time itself. Reynolds is joined by Zoe Saldaña as Laura, Reed’s future wife, Mark Ruffalo as Reed’s father and Jennifer Garner as Reed’s widowed mother who does her best to raise her son alone. Unfortunately, the younger Adam Reed does not give her the respect she deserves and treats her terribly as they both mourn.


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Now, Netflix released two deleted scenes from the great success of Reynolds The Adam Project. The first scene is a short one focusing on the older Reed and his father as they break into Sorian’s headquarters to destroy the particle accelerator that led to the invention of time travel. The two meet Sorian’s guards but quickly send them off with a futuristic gun. The second scene is much more substantial as it is an extended take on a previous moment between the younger Adam Reed and his mother trying to get by. The deleted version also contains a dialogue from Garner about her emotional struggles after the death of her husband. See the scenes below.

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The scene with Reynolds and Raffaello was a short but sweet moment that helped connect the two characters, but was apparently cut for gait problems. The scene itself did not add any necessary information to the plot, so removing it was probably an easy decision. Cutting off the scene between Garner and Scobell was probably a much tougher decision. After Garner’s Ellie Reed leaves for work and tells her son to call if he needs anything, young Adam rudely replies he won’t. In the opening scene, Eli stops for a moment and then leaves quickly for work. In the deleted version, Ellie stops before leaving and turns back to her son to explain that she has not yet fully dealt emotionally with her husband’s death and that she is hurt by her son when he is constantly bad with her. This revelation surprises her son and he seems to take it seriously. This addition provides a deeper dynamic between the two characters and brings their complex relationship to the fore.

Although the extended scene between two of The Adam ProjectHis most important characters essentially add to the relationship between mother and son, undermining a later scene between the older Adam when he meets his younger mother. Before the two Reeds jump into the future, the two fight and it is revealed that the older Reed has lost a wife. He goes to a local bar to mourn a bottle where he finds his mother doing the same. The two have a brief discussion about the pain and the loss with Reed telling his mother to explain to her son how she is feeling. Having Eli open up to her son before she comes in contact with the older Adam undermines the scene.

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What actually seems to have happened was that the deleted scene did not initially take place in the story before the bar scene, but was structured to happen the next morning. Looking at the younger Adam’s wardrobe, he wears the same shirt during the previous morning scene as his mother wears in the last scenes when he travels into the future, but his wardrobe changes in between without explanation. This shows that the deleted scene was originally intended to take place later, eventually giving Garner her big heart with her son before little Adam leaves for the future. Although the final version of the film did not give Eli the emotional reward that the previous scene planted with Reynolds at the bar, the story was better served by shuffling the scenes. Introducing the young Adam’s rude treatment to his mother earlier and then not giving them a chance to reconcile before he leaves for the future, only reinforces their subsequent purge when the younger Reed finally hugs Garner during a similar scene. at the end The Adam Project.

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