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The Bubble premieres on Friday, April 1 on Netflix.

Featuring an impressive cast of seriously hilarious people, Judd Apatow’s The Bubble unleashes the madness of actors trying to star in the sixth installment of a dino-war franchise, who toil in an absurd production during the pandemic. The “bubble” is the hotel and movie set to which everyone working at Cliff Beasts 6 rests, although the post-comedy aspects that work here, in which Hollywood is trying to get the bubble out of Hollywood, are also a ideological bubble. his own right. Filled with great talent and some very silly moments, The Bubble is still extravagant and requires you to spend some time with a set of selfish drugs.

As the cast of this film hits Jurassic Park – which’s not just the dinosaur affair but Jurassic Park: Dominion’s unprecedented 18-month production – they find themselves trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of lockdowns, rewrites and more. hiccups control logic, history wears out. The “stir crazy” elements penetrate the real projection and create a somewhat repetitive clock. Although there are twelve characters in different story arcs, they are all somehow cut from the same egoistic fabric and so the overall gag never changes.

Starring Karen Gillan, Fred Armisen, David Duchovny, Keegan-Michael Key, Leslie Mann, Pedro Pascal and many others, The Bubble seems like an exaggerated response to the ill-fated interpretation of “Imagine” from the Gal Gadot pandemic. , with Apatow. wanting to play with the deaf bottom of the movie business. It’s not something we’ve seen before, and besides, the fun quickly disappears when making big movies about how stupid it is to make big movies. As if the message is “most actors, directors and producers are awful – but not us! That’s why we “Yes, it ‘s possible that this collection of folk comedies is making fun of themselves, but there’ s still a ‘they’, not us’ sense.

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Gillan plays Cliff Beasts epic star Carol Cobb, now returning to the franchise after skipping the fifth film to make an alien attack film called Jereuseum Rising. She rejoins the Cliff Beasts, reuniting with Duchovny, Mann and Key – with Pascal playing Sean Penn, a young veteran, and Iris Apatow posing as a young famous TikTok’er with millions of followers because of her popularity in the media. of social network. Apatow is aggressive and terrible here as a quasi-underdog, who became known in a new way of showbiz that others do not understand. Are there any TikTok dance classes? Sure. Does anyone in particular laugh? Absolutely.

The production cast and support staff of the hotel consist of Maria Bakalova (Oscar nominee for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm), Peter Serafinowicz (The Tick), Vir Das (Whiskey Cavalier), Harry Trevaldwyn and Samson Kayo – with fun cameos of John Cena. Maria Bamford, Daisy Ridley, Kate McKinnon, and others, no doubt. Again, this is an extremely talented team and there is an element of comfort food at work, seeing them all being ridiculous together – as the flying miserable ones were unbridled and the blood, vomit and carnage running unbridled in and out of the set – but often The Bubble’s messages are confusing. All of these characters convince themselves that they are human because Cliff Beasts 6 is what the world is all about. Needs to feel good, while The Bubble, by itself, believes that what people need is for the film business to do too much to beat itself up.

The Bubble timeline is sadly out, though one could argue that all pandemic movies will be out of date, regardless of when they are released. In the vortex of lockdown was the bad form. But now; When has the US, for better or worse, almost collectively decided to move on? It’s like a band that people do not want to visit again, even for the sake of comedy. Therefore, we can not even say that this should have come out a year ago, because it would probably have been taken just as coldly.

Aside from the great elements of the story, it is enjoyable to see Pascal dwell in the soul of an eccentric narcissist, Dukhovny and Mann fighting as a couple and Gillan acting as the silly central element, among other enjoyable performances. That said, The Bubble needed a shave to prevent it from being as crazy about us as it is about the characters.

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