“The Bubble” is the pandemic comedy we needed

Get into this bubble of pandemic satire.

The new Netflix movie, The Bubble, is a satirical comedy about the pandemic. He casts a number of undisputed comedians and secretly in some funny cameos from other big stars (such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Daisy Ridley).


It is supposed to have been inspired by the problems that led to its production Jurassic World: Dominion, this film directed by Judd Apatow follows the actors and production team of a dinosaur film trapped in the COVID-19 bubble where their luxury hotel is located. Completely cut off from the outside world and sometimes forced to isolate themselves for two weeks in their respective rooms, the cast and crew begin to go crazy and adopt desperate and silly ways to escape the shoot.

Although the film was well-received by critics, the audience laughed out loud at it. Let’s see what the viewers say.


Someone who clearly disagrees with most critics.

I have no idea if everyone else saw the same #TheBubble movie I saw. But I could not stop laughing! 😅 Keegan, Karen Gillan, Fred Armisen, Pedro Pascal, David Duchovny, Leslie Mann. The actors impersonating the hotel staff. This Mish mash of insanity really worked! Apatow did it.

Twitter: @jtjenkinswriter


Even the guest stars never failed to make us laugh.

Well, guys, if you’re tired of the gloomy #Covid news and can use a little relief, “The Bubble” with Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal and David Duchovny was a crazy comedy to make a pandemic movie. I usually avoid anything related to this, but that was really funny.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @AleMorgul


Doing wild things to stop self-isolation from angering you.

Karen Gillan sipping coke with Pedro Pascal and David Duchovny and then doing a tiktok is not something I ever thought I would see #TheBubble

Twitter: @Elimare


Karen Gillan was totally hilarious about it.

Going to a random place on Bubble because I was not interested in the movie and watching Karen Gillan pee on her pants was definitely a weird moment.

Twitter: @rocketfromthe


Leslie Mann and David Duchovny also have a story.

Start applying for Leslie Mann and @davidduchovny to do a romcom together… #TheBubble

Netflix / Via Twitter: @CMJ_BBB


He has a guest appearance of a few minutes and disapproves of the privilege enjoyed by many in Hollywood.

Twitter: @stellamilfburn


Pedro Pascal (along with Karen Gillan) has stolen the film.

I watched #TheBubble and my main complement is that I will watch Pedro Pascal & Karen Gillan does everything. Pedro is a weird weirdo and can Karen somehow do weird things while still being the classic straight man? It is strange. He laughed a little.

Twitter: @ThatAldenDiaz


These cameos were extremely funny and completely unexpected (as the cameos of Daisy Ridley and Benedict Cumberbatch were already spoiled by the trailer).

Twitter: @ PolkaDotBishop2


Harry Trevaldwain was the unexplored gem that this film brought to the fore.

I say this with love, as someone who would take a ball for David Duchovny and thank him for the privilege, but @harrytrevaldwyn was by far the best part of The Bubble and I hope he gets 100 million more roles.

Twitter: @NotLikeTheCar


A show so shocking that one forgets one’s work.

“Sorry late boss, I had to see my favorite #DavidDuchovny in a silly movie to make a movie during the pandemic.” #The Bubble

Twitter: @DrDuchovny


People continue to believe in Pedro Pascal (and one of his co-stars – here Keegan-Michael Key) for the transfer of the film.

Without spoiler but with grotesque limit the criticism of the bubble: Pedro and Keegan will pay your chiropractor bills to lift the weight of this film on your poor backs. I could hear the guz talking for hours +

Twitter: @pettypascalito


Fortunately, the irony is not lost on some.

in The Bubble, a character is a tiktok star who takes part in a high-budget film without having to audition for it to satirize Hollywood, and is played by Iris apatow

Twitter: @lizzzzzielogan

Pedro Pascal has completely mastered the gossip about the film. Here are some reactions to just admiring his performance on it.


This TikTok had separated me, but Pedro Pascal’s dance takes my breath away.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @jaavimorales


This scene was absolutely crazy, especially considering the fact that Daisy Ridley is making a real cameo.

Twitter: @laceygilleran

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