The best superhero movies of the last 15 years

Six years and $ 1.5 billion at the box office later, Feige’s dream came true. With Joss Whedon (we know, we know, but that was then) writing, directing and drawing his own vast knowledge of the Marvel rule, and Robert Downey Jr. already as a fan favorite in the role of Iron Man, plus Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo establishing themselves in the audience like the rest of the team, Marvel took it out elegantly, exciting, fashion you had to be there. The Marvel Cinema Universe has really come into its own and made filmmaking in scenes exciting again. – Don Kay

James McAvoy Mcihael Fassbender and X-Men First Class Cast

13. X-Men: First Class (2011)

Before the MCU or the Avengers, there was X Men, the once most popular Marvel team and the first franchise to bring such a concept to the screen. Two decades and seven major films later, by Matthew Vaughn X-Men: First Class could to be the best of this series, which even in 2011 seemed a bit distant from the modern superhero movie zeitgeist. And in the case of this crazy adventure, that was good.

Unlike some other superhero movies of the time (even of the same year), Vaughn embraced the aesthetics and tone of the ’60s, channeling the energy of Go-go Bondmania into this setting, while providing its best cinematic representation. of a frantic relationship between Charles Xavier and Magneto. through the wonderful mating of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Both are amazing here, as are the overall good vibes of a cast with just one Wolverine in sight (including a Jennifer Lawrence before Katniss). The movie is darker and more serious than most MCU movies and more grounded in our world. He is also not afraid to throw his elbows. There are other great X-Men movies, including the sequel Days of Future Past which some of us might argue is worth being on this list. But First grade really deserves its top grades. – DC

Tom Holland and Alfred Molina in Spider-Man: No Way Home

12. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Never The Avengers It hit the big screen in 2012, I felt like the most geeki of dreams coming true. Here was a combination of some of the biggest comic book characters of the last five decades sharing the silver screen together in a large, financially owned studio, taken seriously, and embracing the more comic aspects of the original material. Since then, Marvel has been steadily raising the forecast of what comic book fans considered possible in live-action adaptations. However, at no time in the comic book did it feel more surreal than to see three Spider-Men seemingly recreating the “Spider-Man pointing” meme.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is both a celebration of the character’s story on the big screen, an unprecedented truce between two huge Hollywood studios, a wild embrace of the multicolor approach to comics, and a potentially apt conclusion to Tom Holland’s interpretation of the character. The fact that he is making one of the biggest movie shows of the last 20 years – combining Holland’s Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire and previous character replays by Andrew Garfield – also tells a full emotional story of Holland’s Peter Parker coming of age. is a magic trick that only Doctor Strange should be able to handle.

It feels like a little miracle that it does not exist at all. The film even retrospectively redeems the unfortunate restart of the character by Sony with Garfield, so much so that fans are shouting that it will return to Sony’s cinematic universe centered on Spidey Villain. Just when you think the innovation of viewing widescreen stories contained in five panel pages is over, Marvel does it again. – Nick Harley

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