The Australian 2022 Beauty and the Geek Cast: Where are they now?

Not only does Jason look completely different after the incredible makeover, he also comes out of the experiment with a newfound confidence.

Taking to Instagram Geek shared an inspiring post.

“By never putting myself out there, I never have to face potential flaws, insecurities, or uncomfortable facts about myself,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Just learning how to exist on a reality show while trying to stay true to yourself is a process of overcoming psychological challenges and self-discovery.”

His co-stars showed their support in the comments section.

“Just your growth and seeing you gradually improve yourself is already great to see,” says Aaron.

Heidi commented, “I’M SO PROUD! And I’m so excited to follow along and watch what’s to come. You’ve been very successful and will only move up from here.”

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