The 10 worst things about Batman in the 2022 movie

The successful movie with superheroes of 2022 Batman explored the legendary character of Batman / Bruce Wayne in a fairly new light. This character has been portrayed in many different ways since the late 1930s, often in animated television series or live-action movies. A good example is the tough and confident version of Christian Bale, but actor Robert Pattinson took things in a different direction for Batman.

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For the most part, Pattinson did a good job portraying this famous DC character and proving that all skeptics were wrong by finally shaking off Edward Cullen’s curse. This new version of Batman did a lot of things right, but even then, this version of the character has some drawbacks, even if they are quite trivial and easily forgivable. There are some things you do not like about this new Batman.

10 Batman indulges in Voice-Over

the Batman joker deleted scenes

By now, some moviegoers may be tired of putting characters over their heads with voice narration to explain things, and sometimes it’s like an audiobook understanding the cinematic experience. Some fans may not mind, but others will, and Robert Pattinson’s Batman does it perfectly.

Sometimes inside Batman, the title uses this worn troparion once again and sadly explains its thought process, which is at least heavy. In fact, some films such as The LEGO Batman movie mock the use of very serious exposure, with or without a black screen.

Bruce at the Commissioner's funeral in The Batman 2022.

No one expects Bruce Wayne to redefine the world of men’s fashion, but even then, Bruce Wayne portrayed in 2022 Batman was lagging behind in this area. He is the rich prince of Gotham City and should be dressed when he is in public. Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne certainly did.

Instead, Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne dressed in stunningly cheap suits and coats. Batman, and looked like he was reluctant to dress at all. It is a pity, since everyone likes a well-dressed man, alert and not.

8 Batman did not have any particular personality traits

Bruce Wayne and the child

It is not absolutely necessary for Batman to have colorful character quirks, but if done correctly, such quirks can deepen and enrich the character, instead of confusing things. Christian Bale’s Batman did well, using an insidious tone and a few monograms to add a bit of freshness to the character. He was like a weakened Tony Stark.

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No one expects Batman to be a clown class, but even so, the Batman found in the 2022 movie had a rather dry personality even Batman standards, which did not really help. Yes, he was a bit insecure and angry, but it takes more than that to create a compelling, well-rounded personality.

7 Batman had a weak personal chemistry with Catwoman

Batman tries to quell Catwoman's anger in The Batman 2022.

On a philosophical level, Batman and the burglar Catwoman had great chemistry as restless allies in 2022 Batman. They both wanted to overthrow Falcone, but they had different views on the city and humanity as a whole, which made them tense and compelling allies.

On the downside, the characters had weak chemistry as Bruce Wayne and Celina Kyle, and personally did not fit very well. This is a pity, and their philosophical chemistry did not completely replace it. The love life of this Batman is as weak as possible.

6 Batman did not have a strong ninja

Batman is ready to fight the Penguin in The Batman 2022

Batman is more than just a mutilated watchman in a cool bat-themed suit. Unlike other members of the Justice League, Batman is a trained ninja and knows how to disappear into the shadows, perform incredible martial arts, throw weapons with blades and more. This was clear to Christopher Nolan himself Batman trilogy.

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However, Robert Pattinson’s Batman himself barely mentioned the role of a ninja. He may be secretive and cautious, but otherwise, he said and did very little to suggest he was a bona fide sinobby. It’s a shame, since the ninja angle makes Batman much cooler.

5 Batman has no real friends

the batman trilogy and dark knight

Bruce Wayne may not be the most social friend in comics, but he even appreciates the value of friendship, and in some character incarnations, he has his own stable social circle. The Christian Bale version is a good example, with both Rachel Downs and Harvey Dent as true friends.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman version obviously had no friends at all, even if it went well with Catwoman as partners, which is a shame. This poor, tormented Bruce desperately needs a friend to support him and cheer him up, but he has none. The script was tough with him in amazing ways, including this one.

4 Batman did not have Boss Battle to Fight

batman - comic book detective

It was fascinating and fascinating to see this new Batman battling a mentally ill evil like Riddler in the battle of their intelligence. Unfortunately, this mental battle came at a serious cost – the new Batman was never properly challenged in a personal battle. He had no boss battles to fight with enemies like Bane or Mr. Freeze.

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Batman has thrilled his fans many times by using his ninja skills, advanced tactics and clever gadgets to physically defeat enemies much stronger than him, which makes him stand out from Superman and Wonder Woman, who rely more on brutal violence. But that did not happen much in 2022 Batman.

3 Batman ran out of clever ideas until the end

batman vs. riddler

Batman was a good detective in most respects Batmanof execution time, and was often even smarter and more insightful than the versions of The Dark Knight by Christian Bale or Ben Affleck. The inconvenient part is that by the end of the movie, this young Batman has resorted to his worst trick – begging the villain to divulge his secrets.

In many recent Batman movies, Batman becomes desperate and effectively says “Come on, tell me your secret plan!” to the thug, like begging the Joker in vain to tell him where Harvey and Rachel were hiding or where the bomber was hiding. He did the same inside Batman when he met Riddler in Arkham, and of course, Riddler did not force him.

2 Batman had an unforgettable Batmobile

Movies The Batmobile in The Batman

The Batmobile is one of the most iconic elements of the series and fans are expecting a lot from this famous DC vehicle. It has often been portrayed as a sleek black car with many hidden weapons and goodies inside, and Christian Bale’s Batman had a Batmobile that was like an armored jeep with a motorcycle hidden inside.

However, Robert Pattinson’s Batman drove an unusual Batmobile, which had the unique feature of a rocket booster in the rear to reach the penguin’s own car. This is not a bad thing at all, but it’s also not very memorable, and the car almost crashed into the movie. It is far from the best Batmobile of the character.

1 Batman had a mediocre dialogue

the batman 2022 warner brothers

Batman often has some great things to say in many of his comic book, cartoon or live action incarnations, including the famous 1989 “I’m Batman” improvised series. Batman film, among other excerpts. In 2022 Batmanthe hero had a cool line about doubling the bat signal as a warning to criminals, but so far.

Otherwise, this young Batman had rather boring and forgotten dialogues, even if he grabbed things a bit with “I’m vengeance”. His dialogue was not harsh or unreliable, but it was not remarkable, and very few of them will be remembered for years to come, which is a shame.

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