‘Suicide Squad’ #TheAyerCut should air on HBO Max, says Star

The original 2016 edition of David Ayer Suicide team is worth the flow of salvation, says cast member Jay Hernandez – and not just because his fiery backbone, Chato Santana also known as El Diablo, survived that a.

“I do not think so [one day get released]”Hernandez told TVLine during a recent Q&A. “And I’m a big fan of that happening. I hope it happens. ”

The Magnum PI The star mentioned that HBO Max – which broadcasts theatrical release Suicide team – would do well to also release “The Ayer Cut”, as they did with me Justice League“(Zack) Snyder Cut” a little over a year ago. And it would be even easier / cheaper to give the alternative editing a house, since Ayer had filmed everything he needed for his original vision. No costly repetitions required (a la #TheSnyderCut).

“We talked [costars] Joel [Kinnaman] and Jared [Leto], everyone wants to see it. “Everyone I spoke to wants to see it,” Hernandez said excitedly. “And I think Ayer wants to get out there, so it’s kind of spontaneous.

Suicide team“Put it on HBO Max or whatever, and the audience will see what the director’s original vision was,” Hernandez suggested. “At the end of the day, I just want to see it.”

A HBO Max spokesman told TVLine that there were no plans at this time to give #TheAyerCut a home.

Lore says that accepting Jacques Snyder is boring Batman vs. Supermancombined with the strong reaction of the public Suicide teamHis second, bizarre trailer sparked $ 20 million in reruns. Ayer himself confirmed it in his original years ago Suicide team edited by Hernandez the devil survived and Harley Quinn and Deadshot (played by Margot Robbie and Will Smith)stuck as a couple. » Ayer also said that because of the same repetitions dictated by the studio that led to Suicide teamreceived its late release in the theater, The arc of Harley Quinn’s story ‘was gutted. »

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“It was her movie in so many ways,” Ayer said, adding: “I gave Harley’s comic book expensive.” Alas, “Now everything is political,” he remarked cryptically at the time.

Jared Leto, who played the Joker Suicide team, he said shortly after its release, “There are many scenes that did not make it to the final film,” but we hope they will see the light of day. Who knows.”

Hernandez echoed Leto, telling us, “A lot has changed since Ayer was cut. I know, because I was there and I shot it. “There were a lot of things that never got into the cut that came out in the theaters.”

Are you curious about #TheAyerCut seeing the light of day on a streaming service?

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