Spoiler Home and Away – Justin bears the brunt of Dimitri’s wrath

Coming soon this week Home and Go In Australia, Justin bears the brunt of Dimitri’s wrath, while Mia and Chloe disagree whether their future lies in Summer Bay…

After months of living with his aunt Leah (Ada Nicodemou) in Summer Bay, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans)’s big secret was finally revealed to Leah and Justin (James Stewart) last week.

Theo previously told John Palmer (Shane Withington) that he had been physically abused by his father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) since the age of 14. Dimitri has always had a hot temper, and when Theo grew up to push back, Theo started beating him.

Unaware of Theo’s history with Dimitri, both Leah and Justin have pushed to reunite father and son. Theo was afraid that Leah would find out the truth about his older brother, afraid that it would break his heart.

When Dimitri showed up at Summer Bay two weeks ago, he tried to play happy family with Theo in front of Leah and Justin, but his attitude soon changed after being alone with his son.

Dimitri demands that Theo return to town with him, revealing that his wife Cassandra has left him.

Both Leah and Justin grew suspicious of Dimitri’s motives last week as Theo continued to avoid him, with Justin worried about Dimitri commenting that Theo needed more discipline.

John had to bite his tongue when he was introduced to Dimitri, but explained that he was aware of his dark secret, which confused Dimitri.

When Dimitri chased after Theo and confronted him, Theo’s anger finally peaked and he punched Dimitri to the ground. Both Justin and John had to restrain Theo from attacking Dimitri any further.

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Almost at his breaking point, Theo still refuses to open up about what really happened, and instead tries to blame his bad mood after being rejected by Chloe (Sam Barrett).

It was clear to Leah and Justin that something more was going on, and in the end it was John who was forced to betray Theo’s trust and tell them the full story.

Leah and Justin are heartbroken over Theo, who blames himself for the mess he’s caused, and they explain that Dimitri will never be given the chance to hurt him again.

When Leah confronts Dimitri, she has no regrets, telling him Theo needs tough discipline to keep him in line.

Leah is fed up with her lack of remorse, and accompanies Theo into town to visit her mother.

When Leah realized what Dimitri had done, it changed her opinion of her brother,Matt Evans told TV Week. “He no longer wanted anything to do with her until he sorted out his emotions.

This week, Dimitri continued to blame others for the situation, and accused Leah and Justin of turning his son against him. He had blamed Leah for Cassandra leaving him, and had berated him for always trying to make things right.

Even though Leah had demanded Dimitri leave the city, he had refused to do so. When he heads to the garage and gets service from Justin, who says he must take responsibility for his actions, Dimitri’s frustration leads him to serve Justin by experiencing his parenting techniques.

When Leah heads to the garage to find Justin, she is shocked to find him lying on the floor barely conscious, badly beaten.

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As Leah immediately called an ambulance, she knew she had a difficult decision to make…. can he report his own brother to the police?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Mia (Anna Samson) is sticking with the decision she made last week to leave town for good.

Since the death of her husband Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), both Mia and her daughter Chloe have struggled to move on. With Chloe’s guilt about Ari meaning she avoids her mother at every turn, while developing an unhealthy obsession with Bella (Courtney Miller), it’s only in the past week that Chloe has started to make progress by talking to Mia.

Mia’s struggles alone have left her a sleepwalker, and with painful memories of Ari facing her at every turn, it’s Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) comments that make Mia realize what she must do.

Mia’s announcement that she plans to leave Summer Bay with Chloe comes as a shock to her brother-in-law Tane (Ethan Browne), who worries she hasn’t thought things through. Especially when he found out that he hadn’t even told Chloe about the situation.

When Chloe then walks in, asking what they were talking about, she is devastated to learn of Mia’s plans.

Chloe explains that Mia always makes decisions on her behalf when it’s not her place, and Mia will no longer have that kind of control over her. He stayed.

This week, mother and daughter continue to argue about Mia’s decision.

For Chloe, her sadness tends to get tangled up in observing her mother’s grief,Sam Barrett told TV WEEK. “Iit was difficult, because he was very close to Mia.

“Not being able to spend time with each other because of their different ways of grieving is really sad.

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With the two just starting to talk nicely again, Chloe is torn in her determination to stay in Summer Bay while learning that Mia is planning to leave.

Chloe didn’t feel comfortable anymore,“added Sam.”He is guarded. Both of them were so broken.

Meanwhile in her frustration, Chloe is back against Bella and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) who is just starting to get back on track.

Believing that they were in Mia’s plot, Chloe accuses them of only being nice to her the previous day because they knew Mia would take her away from Summer Bay, something they both deny of course.

Will Mia and Chloe be torn apart by their differences of opinion? Or will Chloe decide to leave Summer Bay with her mother, as she continues to alienate her closest friends?

Here’s the full spoiler for this week Home and Go episodes in Australia:

Tuesday 19 April (Episode 7772)

Dean threatens Tane over Mia. Bitter memories separate Mia and Chloe. Mackenzie recruits an unlikely Poker hostess.

Wednesday 20 April (Episode 7773)

Did Dimitri leave the Bay? The Mackenzie Poker secret spreads. Felicity helps Tane see the light.

Thursday 21 April (Episode 7774-7776)

Dean recruited an informant. Theo couldn’t escape Dimitri. Martha hides the truth from Roo.

Rose found a way to live in the Bay. Roo gets a second chance with Martha. Dimitri gave Justin a strong sense of upbringing.

Xander is the umpire between the feuding sisters. Justin bears the brunt of Dimitri’s wrath. Theo straightened.

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