Sony’s Morbius CEO believes he could beat Marvel Doctor Strange

Morbius, his main character Morbius, is a strange super-bad from the jump: a tormented scientist who has given himself skills like a vampire – and hunger like a vampire – and often needs a Marvel superhero to keep him in check. But there was a story Morbius Director Daniel Espinosa (Child 44) is used to show executives why of Morbius was more than just a weird Spider-Man frenzy:

This time Morbius almost killed Doctor Strange.

“I love the moment he sucks Doctor Strange’s vital energy,” Espinosa told Polygon via Zoom. He did not mention the issue number, but we think he was probably talking about 1993 Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme # 53, where the evil Nightmare brings Dr. Michael Morbius and Dr. Steven Strange face to face and not to surgery.

Morbius, a terrifying vampire villain, clenched his long, sharp fingernails around the head of a fighting Doctor Strange on the cover of Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme # 52 (1993).

Image: Geof Isherwood / Marvel Comics

“I just kept pounding it on all the executives, like, You do not understand it. This guy was on the verge of beating Doctor Strange! This is nobody. And we do not really know the limits of his powers. I wanted to express the thing – in the comics, 15 years ago, the idea of ​​the spider totem was introduced “.

In the early ’00s, J. Michael Straczynski introduced a class of divine characters to Spider-Man comics – the Spider Totems – who chose mortals across the universe to carry their substance. In short, this is why so many universes in the Marvel universe have some sort of Spider-Man. In 2015, Dan Slott would take this idea and use it to establish the Spider-Person group event that is active in many fields. Spider-Versewhich finally became the inspiration for 2018 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

But the comics also hinted that there might be other animal-themed totems, and Espinosa chose to believe that, like Spider-Man, Morbius was a mortal avatar to god-like powers.

“I always felt that the reason he hit Doctor Strange was because he was actually a Bat, like Totem. Thus, like the Spider, they have an eternal amount of cosmic power to draw.

If that sounds silly, it’s the same kind of creativity that drove the comics at the time Morbius was created. In 1971, the Marvel comic book universe closed its first decade with a very different national mood from 1961. A new generation of creators led the bullpen, and the easing of self-imposed restrictions on American comic book content meant that both new and old stories were more available to tell.

“The comics did not know where to go,” Espinosa thought of Zoom. “Would they be misused? Or is it an older way of saying things? They would decline in the 1960s, which were much more representative. […] When Morbius came [to be invented] you did not know if it was [a return to] The Twilight Zone kind of Marvel, which was a lot more like it started, with monster stories. ”

The idea of ​​making a movie with Marvel monsters was clearly appealing ZOE director.

Jared Leto turns out to be a vampire as a Morbius

Image: Sony Pictures

“So if you start listening to music, it’s a horror score,” he said. “If you go to Spotify and only listen to music, it is,” he mimicked dramatically and ominously orchestrally stumps. “I liked that, to play with these things.”

Anything else the Marvel longtime fan enjoyed? Uploading the Daily Bugle from the New York Post to the New York Times.

“I was a kid in the ’80s, okay? So for me, the Daily Bugle is a good newspaper. Ben Urich, to me, is the best journalist in the world, and he does not work in some junk – and Robbie Robertson is the proudest editor in the world, and he is a good guy and he tries to do good journalism. “That’s why I changed, I changed the design of the Daily Bugle, so it looked more like a proper newspaper.”

And while I may miss the opportunity for a ‘MORBIUS? THREAT OR THREAT? ” title, then, I can respect it. Ben Urich is good journalist.

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