Simon Cowell on BGT: Star’s performance surprises viewers

Viewers in the UK were stunned overnight to see talent show judge Simon Cowell’s first time on screen in two years.

Viewers in the UK were stunned overnight to see Simon Cowell for the first time on screen in two years.

Cowell, 62, returns to British TV as judge in new season England Has Talent – many viewers took to social media to express their surprise at her new look.

Cowell’s transformed look has made headlines in recent years — and record company judges and moguls recently admitted that he’s gone “too far” with cosmetic enhancements.

“There’s a phase where everyone has their face full of this and stuff,” he said Sun.

“There was a stage where I might have gone too far. I saw my photo from ‘before’ the other day and didn’t recognize it as me. (Child) Eric is hysterical.”

But Cowell insisted those days were gone.

“Enough is enough. There is no filler on my face at all now. Zero.”

Cowell also opened up about the major diet changes that led to his recent weight loss, insisting that from now on he will never eat sugar, dairy, or gluten again.

“Cutting all that out is what makes the difference, really.

“I looked at a picture of myself from four years ago and thought, ‘Oh my God.’ The diet I was on at the time… Phew. And everyone thought I had heartburn – I didn’t.”

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