See an elderly Spock Share his wisdom in Star Trek: Resurgence First Look

By Michileen Martin 16 seconds ago

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Leonard Nimoy died seven years ago, but a young actor seems to be channeling the memorable legend into scenes of the upcoming narrative adventure game Star Trek: Resurgence. Coming from some of the same people who created great entries like A Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series, Resurgence has previewed new videos and images, including an elderly Spock revealing one of the game’s two characters they can play. Whoever expresses Spock’s voice has the character almost as perfectly as you could without the adjective “Nimoy”.

IGN released a first preview for Star Trek: Resurgence last week, including the aforementioned dialogue scenes with Spock. So far the developers – Dramatic Labs – keep the name of the voice actor to themselves. However, the game’s lead author Dan Martin told IGN that of the literally “hundreds” of candidates who auditioned for Revival‘s Spock, the one chosen was “head and shoulders” above the rest. You can judge for yourself by watching the clip below.

Dramatic Labs was created after the initial breakup of Telltale Games, and as IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey notes in his first-hand account, a Telltale approach is arguably the ideal way to develop a Star Trek game. Especially when it comes to movies before the Kelvin Timeline as well as any series from the original to the upcoming Strange new worldsThings like action and strategy are only a mediocre percentage of most Journey fare. This does not mean games like MMORPG Star Trek Online and FPS Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force do not have their advantages, but neither of them could really record the experience of an episode of the franchise, while Star Trek: Resurgence seems to do just that.

However, there will be significant differences between Dramatic Labs Resurgence and older Telltale listings. Martin and Dramatic Labs boss Kevin Bruner told IGN that, for one, the entire game would be delivered at the same time, unlike the first Telltale games that were released chapter by chapter. Martin compared Resurgence in a novel of about 50 chapters, but each chapter would be shorter and more “easily digestible” than a single chapter, say, Batman: The Telltale Series. There will also be many more opportunities to explore Star Trek: Resurgence. The game will be far away from the open world, however players will be more likely to explore specific areas depending on where their missions are going. Dramatic has also set aside the old Telltale gaming machine in favor of Epic’s Unreal machine.

As for when Star Trek: Resurgence it is at Journey Dramatic Labs says the game takes place in 2380. This is a year after the events of Timeline’s last film before Kelvin, 2002 Star Trek: Nemesis. It is also the same year that the events of its 1st season Star Trek: Lower Decks begins. Players will control two different characters during Resurgence: Crewperson engineer Carter Diaz and first officer Jara Rydek. The story is about Starfleet intervening in a brewing powder between two species – the Hotari and the Olydians – which are both vital to Starfleet’s dill’s supply. There is no specific release date yet Resurgencebut is expected to be available for PC gamers – as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles – this spring.

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