S3’s “Mindhunter” Will ‘Gone Hollywood’

Mindhunter S3 Will Go Hollywood

While the third season of David Fincher’s serial killer series “Mindhunter” will almost certainly never happen, those involved have talked about what might happen if Netflix were given another chance at the critically acclaimed drama.

The series, about a group within the FBI developing methods of agency profiling as they interview mass murderers, saw Fincher serve as showrunner along with directing seven of its nineteen episodes.

“Chopper” and “The Assassination of Jesse James” director Andrew Dominik tackled two episodes in the show’s second season and recently spoke with Collider about where the show’s plans will take to a third season once it airs.

He revealed the series will see Jonathan Groff’s Ford and Holt McCallany’s Tench head to Hollywood where they will deal with the two filmmakers behind the two earliest films involving the character Hannibal Lecter from Thomas Harris’ novels – Michael Mann and Jonathan’s “Manhunter” Silence of the Lambs” Demme:

“What they will do with season three is they will leave [to] Hollywood. So one of them will relate to Jonathan Demme and the other will relate to Michael Mann. And it’s all about profiling so that it becomes a kind of zeitgeist, public awareness. It’s going to be… It’s the season everyone has really been waiting for, when they come out of the dungeon and start.”

Each film helps lead to the emergence of gritty crime stories influenced by real cases and real FBI operational techniques. The first two seasons of “Mindhunter” remain available on Netflix worldwide.

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