Rules That Actors Must Follow In Christopher Nolan’s Films

As thorough and prepared as he could be at his job, however, Nolan was a chill man. He rarely loses his temper, and manages to take advantage of unfortunate situations.

During a visit to the set of “Inception,” for example, Empire Magazine writer Dan Jolin recalled a time when the special effects team failed to properly demolish a building, ruining a one-shot opportunity that likely cost a lot of production costs. Money. Nolan was unaffected. Instead of losing his temper, he simply ignored the incident.

“It didn’t go according to plan,” he told Empire Magazine of the incident, “but we still used the shot.” He had planned to use the miniatures even if the effects had gone well, and was able to save bits and pieces of the shots in the last film.

The director certainly demands the best from his crew; productions tend to be difficult due to their sheer scale, the aforementioned practical effects, majestic locations, and technically challenging action sequences. Through it all, he maintains a calm and professional demeanor far from the likes of, say, James Cameron or Michael Mann.

“I’ve been on six of Nolan’s sets over the last 12 years, for his four films, and I’ve never seen him confused,” Jolin wrote in 2020, adding he’d only seen the filmmakers react with concern once, on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises, ” in the middle of a scene involving 1200 extras and a swirling blizzard.

“[With] an IMAX Steadicam swirling around them, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy exchanging blows in full superhero and villain costumes. Nolan was standing nearby, watching intently, when Bale suddenly stumbled backwards towards him,” the writer recalled. But still, he didn’t even spill his tea.”

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