Professional cleaners share $4 Kmart bathroom cleaning hack

A Melbourne cleaner has revealed a $4 Kmart item she uses to help transform client bathrooms and why you shouldn’t add something “fancy” to it.

A professional cleaner has revealed a $4 item he uses to help transform a client’s bathroom.

Melbourne cleaner Kacie Stephens, of The Big Clean Co, says you don’t need “fancy” materials to remove dirt between bathroom tiles, or residue from glass.

On TikTok that has nearly half a million views, Kacie says all you need is dishwashing liquid and a Kmart 2-in-1 Dish Brush.

While it’s designed to be used for cleaning dishes, Katie says it’s also a handy bath tool.

“It makes cleaning convenient (that’s the trick),” he wrote in the video’s caption.

While showing off the $4 item he suggests using the brush side for grout and the sponge side for glass.

“Fill it with dishwashing liquid,” he said. “[There’s] no need to be fancy and add anything. ”

When someone asked if it was best to use dishwashing liquid and vinegar, Kacie replied: “I’m not a fan of the two mixed together.”

“Also, making the dishwashing liquid thinner makes it come out quicker.”

Another cleaning enthusiast commented that dishwashing liquid and vinegar neutralize each other.

“So not worth mixing, use one or the other.”

Many thanked Kacie for sharing her “amazing” Kmart idea.

“Omg I need one,” wrote one TikTok user.

“I WANT THIS,” added another.

One person said he would never use “normal” fluids again.

“Dishwashing liquid is made for oil and grease. It cleans your bathroom and floors superbly. I will never go back to regular bathroom cleaners.”

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When someone asked if the sponge scratched the glass, Kacie simply replied, “no”.

In a separate video, Kacie shares how she cleans the bathroom using a microfiber cloth.

To start, the mother-of-four wiped all product off the tile floors and shelves before she put ‘a few drops’ of For All cleanser onto a damp microfiber cloth and wiped the entire shower with it.

“This will look nice and soapy,” Kacie says in the video.

If soap starts to build up on walls, tiles or shower screens, Kacie suggests using a magic eraser and using a brush on the grout.

He then rinsed the entire bathroom with water and dried it with a clean microfiber cloth.

“I need to see this! Wow look how clean the glass is,” wrote another

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