Princess Charlotte, Prince George’s ‘dream job’ revealed

Prince George and Princess Charlotte may be destined to be royalty for life, but that doesn’t mean that little ones can’t dream!

In fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children have expectations of regular jobs and career paths like other children their age,

Prince William in 2018 revealed at a reception at Kensington Palace that his eldest son, Prince George, was actually blown away by the idea of ​​being a cop in the future!

Based on Hello magazine, Police Commissioner Jayne Richardson joked with William about how they recruited and whether George and Charlotte wanted to apply.

Princess Charlotte, Prince George's 'dream job' revealed

To this, Prince William admits: “George is obsessed, actually, by the police … cars, toys, everything.”

George’s love for the idea of ​​being in the police force was also revealed when William handed Santa a letter on his behalf in 2017. His Christmas list includes only one thing: police cars.

Meanwhile, Prince George’s younger sister, Princess Charlotte, has equally noble ambitions, hello rreported.

Palace insiders have revealed that Charlotte actually wants to be a nurse, with one source quoted byou New ideaaying: “She’s a caring little girl who also knows what she wants, so they won’t be surprised if she takes nursing as one of her big goals when she’s older.”

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