Prince William ‘has a headache’ talking about Prince Harry, close friends say

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship was reportedly at an all-time low when the younger brother decided to visit the Queen this Thursday.

Two years after quitting senior royals, one year since Oprah’s explosive interview and new humiliation at Prince Philip’s memorial, Harry must have upset his dearest brother with his actions.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were on a ski trip with their children when Harry landed in Windsor. The Duke of Sussex was able to meet Charles’ father and stepmother Camilla but left the country without meeting William.

Richard Kaye wrote in the Daily Mail: “The Duke of Cambridge has been his brother’s biggest critic, dismayed by allegations of intimidation of royal staff and claims of racism, and the resulting rift between them.”

“He hasn’t seen Harry since the two of them together unveiled a statue of their mother outside Kensington Palace last July and contact since then has been sporadic,” he added.

“‘He doesn’t like talking about Harry,’ said a friend of the Duke. ‘He says it gives him a headache.’

“The split between them is an open wound that is still not starting to heal. William is very uncomfortable with Harry’s book deal amid fears that he and his wife Kate will be in trouble.

“‘He understands the need for reconciliation and all that but at the same time he worries about his father being ‘ambushed’ by Harry.”

Before concluding, Richard repeated: “It is not believed that Harry and Meghan met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their 24 hours on British soil. William and Harry’s relationship is at its lowest since Harry pushed the nuclear button on his royal life.”

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