Prince Harry’s interview Today on the Queen’s birthday is the lowest step

Prince Harry’s latest move against the royal family comes on a certain important day and has been labeled an “insult”.

Let’s start with something good shall we? Sweetener if you like. On Thursday, to mark the Queen’s 96th birthday, Buckingham Palace released new photos of Her Majesty, showing her beaming and enjoying the spring weather with her two beloved Fell ponies in Windsor. (He has traveled to Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate.)

I really encourage you to take a good look at these seashell-warming pictures – not really, look again. Enjoy the blooming flowers, her warm smile, some very well brushed gee-gees.

Because from now on, things will be chaotic.

While it may be nearly impossible to find the perfect birthday gift for a woman approaching a full century, her grandson Prince Harry marked his big day by giving him something I doubt he’d have on his wish list, namely one of his signature bomb interviews.

Speaking to the US breakfast TV show, the Duke of Sussex is at it again, throwing a new PR molotov cocktail or two at Buckingham Palace and successfully refusing his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William to boot.

This week, the king, California resident and self-appointed world champion of compassion, has been in the Netherlands for the latest Invictus Games, the sport’s championship for injured, injured and sick veterans and currently serving personnel of the armed forces he founded in 2014. the event, so far, is going well. The sun shines! There are so many hugs! Netflix should film all things fun!

This is Harry at his best and we seem to be witnessing the old man’s return, surrounded by the people he cares for so much.

But Harry appears to have a spectacular ability to wrest defeat from the jaws of victory and has derailed what should have been a stellar week by using sit-downs with the Americans. Today program to target his family and court.

Let’s keep one thing in mind here: None of what host Hoda Kotb asked Harry would surprise even remotely and he had every opportunity to diligently prepare his answer, meaning, what happened next was no mistake. tongue or awkward phrase changes.

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Kotb threw the softest soft balls at Harry about his recent lightning strike visit to England to see the Queen.

“How does it feel to be back, with him?” asked the veteran host.

This should – should – be easy. All Harry needed to do was dribble a few rote lines about how great it was to see his Grandma making history and maybe some kind of anodyne pleasantries about family.

But, oh no. What we got in exchange was Harry gave the same thorny answer we’d expect from a royal refusal, with him saying that had used their Windsor Castle meeting to ensure “making sure he’s protected and has the right people around him”.

He went on to explain, you know, that he and His Majesty “had a very special relationship” and: “We talked about things he couldn’t talk about with anyone else.”

The plausible one comes from someone who has spent nearly 10 days in England from the last 750, has caused endless damage to the institution, said the chief grandmother and who missed memorial services for her late husband and grandfather last month.

(Logic and Harry never really became bed mates, did they?)

Likewise, reports only say that Harry and Meghan are ‘meeting’ with nonagenarians, who sound like they barely have time to put a few finger sandwiches in one mouth lane and pat the dorgi, much less do a thorough welfare check. Even in the words of their own spokesperson, “They stopped by England” – which hardly denotes a lengthy chase.

Then came the next completely predictable Kotb question that Harry could – and again, should – be prepared for. Asked by Kotb, “But do you miss your brother, your father?” Harry avoided the question with all the grace and ease of a self-taught clog dancer.

“Listen I mean, for me right now, I’m here focused on these people and this family and giving everything I can, 120 per cent to them to make sure they have the experience of a lifetime. That’s my focus here. And when I leave here, I come back and my focus is on my family who I miss so much.”

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Harry’s “right person” comment now joins the growing list of absolute and open, gaping, satirical lines that the Duke presents every time the microphone waves at him.

The exact target of the comments remains a mystery, but some of the strong contenders could be Queen’s private secretary Sir Edward Young and his official sidekick Angela Kelly, both of whom are alleged to have fallen out with Harry and Meghan in recent years.

(“‘When in doubt, blame the staff’ seems to be Harry’s spell,” a palace source told Telegraph.)

The reaction to Harry’s latest anti-palace attack on England is as furious as you might imagine.

“I don’t see how you can stay away from someone for over a year and not go to a memorial service for her husband – and then pretend that you know better how to care for him than anyone else,” said Harry biographer Angela Levin. that Time. “I think it’s an insult to Prince Charles, Prince William and their partners who have done so much to help the Queen.”

Dickie Arbiter, the Queen’s former press secretary, told Time that his former boss would feel “let down.”

The question I want to answer here is, why? What is Harry trying to achieve?

Because Harry’s lines about “making sure he was protected” and about “the right people around him” sounded as suspicious as he had prepared beforehand.

So again, why? If this is him trying to sell himself to the American audience for still being on close terms with His Majesty and still being in the royal tent, then this is a pretty clumsy way of doing it.

(Another royal source told Telegraph: “What a visit to Windsor Castle last week showed was that it’s more about adding to their royal credentials (no doubt at Netflix’s insistence) than checking on Grandma.”)

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What isn’t up for debate for a second is how low this move is.

What I, and pretty much everyone with the thumbs up, can’t forget are her thin cheeks; it was painful to sit there telling the world that he was looking for His Majesty when he and his wife had become the court’s biggest, loudest, and loudest critics. They are the ones who accuse the Firm of institutional racism and neglect of their mental health and Harry who accuses the royal family of “total neglect”.

I can’t even begin to imagine how one could stand up straight after launching a public attack on the Crown over the past year only to then turn around and majestically proclaim to be the ‘protector’ of the woman who actually wears the crown.

This situation goes against logic, common sense and common sense, but when did it ever stop the Sussexes when there were cameras around?

Let’s not forget the fact that she chose to give this interview and to do something new at the palace just before her Grandma’s birthday, a move she sure knows will cover up her celebration.

Again, it just sucks.

If there was one thing the Queen needed right now, it was peace. To be able to spend time at Wood Farm, the lodge where Prince Philip spent the last few years of his life, without the new fuss and the royal family descending into made-to-Karda-esque TV drama territory again.

But with Harry and Meghan having a Netflix series in the works that needs to be promoted and with her having her memoir due for release later this year, sobriety is likely to be one thing the 96-year-old won’t get. immediate time.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with some of Australia’s leading media titles.

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