Prince Harry, Meghan Markle wrap Queen ‘with little finger’ for PR

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sinister motives for going to visit the Queen in England, royal experts claim.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, expert Andrea Levin stated that the Sussex couple toyed with Queen’s feelings and love for them.

“I think the queen and Prince Charles miss them very much, and because of that [Harry and Meghan] could wrap it around their little finger and use it for commercial use as they have done before,” royal biographer Andrea Levin told Friday’s “Good Morning Britain” viewers.

The couple’s visit “had to do with not showing up at Prince Philip’s memorial service and knowing from what reaction it was – it was terrible – and they couldn’t afford to lose that publicity,” Levin said.

The expert added that the couple created bad PR with Prince Philip’s insults and it was likely it would be important for them to make amends.

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