Prince Harry in ‘regular contact’ with Prince Charles, to be ‘welcomed back’

Prince Harry is reportedly in ‘regular contact’ with Prince Charles’ father, with royal experts claiming he can be expected to be readmitted to the royal family once Charles becomes King.

Although there have been reports of a strained relationship between the father-daughter duo since Harry’s explosive saga with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, an insider said. Daily mail that their rift seems to be healing

The source said Harry and Charles were “in regular contact” despite what previous reports suggested.

Royal writer Tom Quinn also considered the dynamic between Prince Charles and Prince Harry, saying US Weekly that Harry and Meghan have also rethought the decision to step away from the royal family.

“I think Meghan and Harry were hoping Charles would open up to them being part-time royalty, which they wanted from the start,” Quinn said.

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