Prince Harry ‘aware’ of cousin Eugenie’s feelings, won’t add Prince Andrew to book

Prince Harry’s memoirs are poised to lift the curtain on royal life and its trauma.

The book, due out later this year, reportedly contains explosive details about his life, which could hinder his rift with the Windsor royals, particularly stepmother Camilla Parker and father Prince Charles.

It has also been speculated that Harry will expose Prince Andrew’s uncle and will shed light on his personality, but royal sources have now confirmed that the Duke of Sussex is keeping the Duke of York and his sex scandal out of his books in favor of cousins, Princess Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

They said “there is also a growing belief that Prince Andrew and his ex-wife will be left alone”.

The source added: “Harry and Meghan are thought to be well aware of the impact the Epstein scandal has had on Beatrice and Eugenie.

“They won’t want to add to the pile.

“Meghan is also very fond of Sarah, Duchess of York, who she feels has had a journey that is not much different.

“They are not expected to bear the brunt of Harry’s anger and frustration with the royal establishment.”

In a conversation with the Daily Mail, the source added the “fear factor” around Harry’s book was “off scale”.

They added: “Of course, the household has publicly said they are not interested and have no plans to comment on any of the royal books because so many are published; but there was never a situation like this.

“Even when the Princess of Wales teamed up with Andrew Morton, she had layers of denial. These were Harry’s own words.

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“They may want to stay on top of the fray, but that could be impossible depending on what bombs are released.

“Clarence House and Kensington Palace now accept the principle they will be in the line of fire. There is hope that the Queen and Prince Philip will be commended with love.”

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