Prince Harry and Meghan Markle issue ominous warning about impact of biography | Kingdom | News

Jobson believes that Prince Harry’s long-awaited autobiography is likely to backfire on the Royal Family and the Sussexes amid “small steps” towards reconciliation between the two sides. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently reunited with Prince Charles and the Queen during a brief stopover on their way to the Invictus Games in the Netherlands.

Mr Jobson told GB News: “Of course, he had to meet his father first with Camilla and it was a very brief encounter from what I understand and their relationship was very strained.

“I think there’s a feeling that he’s been let down on both sides and we’ve published this book which pretty much ruined things too.

“So even though this is a small step in terms of reconciliation or rapprochement between Meghan, Harry and the Royals. I can see it all blow up in their faces again, with this book.

“Obviously the relationship with his dad isn’t that great at the moment and I don’t know how long Harry can continue to be this court clown, you know, he can make a laugh.

She added: “Well I don’t think she’s laughed too much at what’s happened in the last few years. Especially thanksgiving services and she’s been through a lot the Queen and Harry and Megan have contributed to it.

“It’s not just about Andrew’s story.

“I didn’t know he couldn’t just walk in and say I made him laugh and come out again with your Netflix crew and think everything’s fine.”

Royal commentator and GB News host Eamonn Holmes also discussed the Prince’s recent interview with the American broadcaster in which the Duke argued he wanted to keep the Queen “protected.”

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Mr Holmes told the royal expert: “[Prince Harry] talk about being surrounded by the right people, either to protect the Queen from her or does she want the right people?

“That is quite arrogant and contradictory advice, of course.”

Mr Jobson replied: “Well, that’s extreme narcissism, isn’t it.

“This is a man who hasn’t seen his grandmother for a number of years and is well for a while since the funeral and that’s just a glimpse.”


“I mean, I think actions speak louder than words, and Prince Charles, in particular, has stepped up and supported his mother with actions as well as everyone and our daughters-in-law as I said Sophie Wessex and Camilla have almost always been around. behind the scenes as did Prince William.

“So I think he kind of waltzed off his Netflix crew at the door and then started talking about protecting his grandma was kind of weird, to be honest.”

It came after the Duke Of Sussex said the Queen was “in great shape” during their recent meeting but added he wanted to make sure she was “protected” and had “the right people around her”.

He and his wife Meghan visited the king and met the Prince of Wales in Windsor on Thursday, having flown from their home in the US before traveling to The Hague in the Netherlands for the Invictus game.

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