Prince Charles ‘stopped the signal’ for Meghan Markle as royals ‘don’t care’ about duty

Meghan Markle’s body language during one of her previous engagements to the royal family is being deciphered by a body language expert.

Jesus Enrique Rosas on his YouTube account cites a 2019 event, the 50th anniversary of the Coronation of Charles, Prince of Wales, where the Duchess of Sussex ‘don’t care’ about royal protocol.

Jesus claims that Meghan deliberately tried to insult William and Kate when she tried to leave the rankings and enter the room first.

He explained: “It was a royal engagement when Charles informed the Sussexes of royal protocol and they kept it as they pleased.

“They will enter a room where only senior members can be at any given moment.

“In this case, the ones who can enter the room are the Queen, Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

“We can see Charles going over to Harry and his wife for a little chat before they enter.

“But the fact is Charles didn’t stop to chat with Harkles, he just couldn’t get in before the Queen.”

He said: “Meghan broke protocol first, because when you enlarge their legs Harry has no intention of moving at all.

“We can imagine he’s been used to this kind of engagement over the years, so he knows how to behave.

“Meghan made the first move.

“He started walking, looked straight into Charles’ face, and he didn’t stop or turn around, not even to make sure Harry was behind him.

“He just doesn’t care.

“That’s when Charles realized his wife was serious and he went with them.

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“In fact, Charles even paused for a fraction of a second to signal, in this case to Meghan, that they should stand where they are now.”

He explains: “He makes very subtle signals with his index finger, making it clear that they have to stay there.

“It is important to pay attention to these clues, as royal etiquette often conditions the timing of certain body language cues.

“William knew they were screwed and he turned to look at them.”

Trying to understand Meghan’s position, Jesus added: “I know that learning so many rules and protocols can be a challenge for anyone, but Meghan’s previous job was memorizing scripts.

“We know it’s not a memory issue and more an attitude issue, because Charles told him explicitly that he had to stay there.

“I guess that’s too difficult for Montecito’s rising stars to understand.”

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