Photo of Kate and William at Top Gun premiere highlights the loss of Meghan and Harry

The stunning Kate Middleton and Prince William of Hollywood couldn’t have come at a worse time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It was a strange day when Court Circular collided with the world’s most famous Scientologist.

However, there on Thursday night in London’s famed Leicester Square, not only the cast of the new Top Gun films, including Tom Cruise’s Operating Thetan Level Eight, but also William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Don’t worry: these aren’t the ones who go off on school nights cheerfully, royal duties be damned! The opening of the long-awaited sequel was the Royal Film Performance, which was held in support of The Film and TV Charity, an organization that supports those who work behind the scenes in the industry.

Upon stepping into the Odeon Luxe theater, there was one collective low complaint from the British press: The Cambridges looked gooooooooood. Not good it turns out. Not pretty in the case of royalty. Not cheerfully doing their part.

Somehow the same two people who have so long been the human embodiment of the beige mid-range wool sweater have become a sleek and sophisticated double act.

What we’ve seen popping up over the last year most notably is William and Kate 2.0, something that goes way beyond the royals’ new and improved wardrobe (thank God that crushed piece of cork has bitten the dust) and instead reflects a secret but is considered a campaign. which has taken place as the couple transitions to king and queen-in-waiting.

For Camp Cambridge, the pair’s repositioning, from stale Central England to a dynamic activist duo, was the result of years of hard work.

And for Camp Sussex, could this transformation come at a worse time?

Two weeks from today, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will return to the UK, with their son Archie and baby daughter Lilibet, to help celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The stakes haven’t been so high for someone who has set foot on English soil since William, Duke of Normandy landed in East Sussex.

Of course this will be their first proper visit as a family since Harry and Meghan quit royal life in January 2020 and have spent years intervening to let the world know that the Palace is a cruel and racist institution. (In April the couple made an overnight flying visit to see Her Royal Highness which Harry later claimed was so he could make sure the 96-year-old woman had the “right people around” and was “protected.”)

In this perfect example of timing being everything, just as Cambridges stock soared, the Sussexes were floundering and today, the gulf-like gap between the two couples’ lives is the size of the Grand Canyon.

First, word broke out on Thursday, Australian time, that a couple living in California had recorded something called “‘at home with a Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ style documentary”, a project that sounds as strange as reality. television series. Although neither the duchess nor the duchess nor Netflix have confirmed the report nor have they denied it.

To be fair, this report isn’t particularly surprising given that cameras were seen following the couple during their two famous New York trips last year, but this document still represents something new in post-Megxit history. . Never before have two senior members of the Queen’s family willingly allowed paying viewers into their private lives in a move that defies dignity which can only be explained by the huge sums of money attached to their Netflix 2020 deal.

Two years after moving to the West Coast with stars in their eyes, Harry and Meghan’s life doesn’t seem as dazzling and bright as everyone thought. They haven’t established themselves as leaders on their chosen issue, debuted any content apart from poorly reviewed (in the UK) children’s books and hour-and-a-half podcasts, or uncovered any kind of charitable initiative that drives the call.

(I Who You Can’t SeeHarry’s Apple+ Mental Health series, announced in 2019, and co-created with Oprah Winfrey.)

Even ex suit stellar attempts to navigate the political arena have met with resistance. When he called the last Senator to lobby for paid parental leave and use his royal title, it went down like a lead balloon. (“I enjoyed talking to him. But I’m more interested in what the people of Maine have to say to me about it,” Senator Susan Collins later said while Senator Shelley Moore Capito commented, “I don’t know how he got my number.”)

In short: They really don’t get much – if anything – walking the board.

Compare with the Cambridges who stole the show.

William’s forward thinking and inherently optimistic $90 million plus Earthshot Prize, which debuted last year, has earned him universal acclaim while Kate’s Early Years Foundation work has seen him emerge as a true expert in his field. (The idea is, if you intervene in the years between 0-5, it will, years into the future, pay significant dividends when it comes to improving mental health and tackling problems like addiction and homelessness.)

Of course, their Caribbean tour was a disaster as no one on their team realized this was a trip to a place where a) 2.3 million enslaved men and women were forcibly sent from Africa to work on British-owned plantations, with the next few fortunes likely flowing into royal pockets, and b) coming after Black Lives Matter.

That William and Kate went on this tour without planning a meaningful conversation about the violent history of colonialism in this part of the world reflects how much diversity and plurality of voices are needed in a sacred place within the kingdom.

However, to their credit, rather than stamping their feet and pointing fingers, they responded by issuing a very unusual statement as they flew home admitting “”Tours abroad are an opportunity for reflection. You learn a lot.”

More recently, William has emerged as the HRH the public wants. In Scotland last week, she was embraced in tears by a pensioner who was once homeless. Then he visited the home of journalist Deborah James to personally reward him with Damehood for raising more than $10 million for cancer research, before then sitting out in the sun with his family and enjoying a glass of champagne.

When it’s announced that the Queen’s “episodic mobility issues” will prevent him from attending the State Opening of Parliament, William is half of the princely duo succeeding him, doing his utmost not to overshadow his dear old father.

Video from inside the premiere of Top Gun shows hundreds of VIPs gathered in the audience excitedly filming the royal couple on their phones as the brass band plays God Save the Queen. You couldn’t be more regal than if Her Majesty let Kate borrow a scepter and ball to access a Roland Mouret skirt that fits her figure perfectly.

In short, the Cambridges are on a high right now and it will all come before we get to see the front and center of the superstar family during the Jubilee celebrations, which will likely only increase their popularity even further.

It’s hard not to wonder what it would be like for the Sussexes to travel back to the UK, not as the heroes of the conquest of Hollywood, Wall Street and Silicon Valley – self-made giants with a string of successes under their Loro Piana belt – but as the ultimate reality TV star. world famous in manufacture.

One factor that reportedly contributed to the decision to fly the royal stables is that Harry and Meghan resent being constantly forced to accept third place in the royal pecking order, behind Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Cambridges.

As the royal couple attracting the biggest and loudest crowds, the Sussexes, the argument goes, are allegedly fed up with having to hide their megawatt lamps under bushels.

Freed from the watchful eye of the Palace, every sign points to a frenzied duo poised to dominate the world.

It hasn’t come even far to pass.

Either because of their inability to brand themselves royalty or that the world has changed in the last two years or that they must now rely on paid Hollywood clerks and staff, rather than experienced Palace maids, for whatever reason, the great future the world envisions. Sussex in early 2020 failed to materialize.

Instead, we have transparent PR stunts (like hosting their own Remembrance Day event in November 2020) and so many business announcements that I think I forgot a few.

(We have, in no particular order, Meghan’s investment in the vegan latte business, Harry became Chief Impact Officer for a training platform called BetterUp, both became “impact partners” with Ethic, a fintech asset manager, in short -live as a speaker and Harry signed a publishing deal. A reported $27 million with Penguin Random House.)

When it comes to Sussex, it’s all just noise and media releases that signal… nothing. (So ​​far anyway.)

There’s one thing where they are world-class acts that are sure to be, either intentionally or unintentionally – creating drama. With final preparations for the four-day Jubilee celebrations underway, one thing seems certain: with both the Cambridges and Sussexes involved, it’s going to be a pretty good show.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with some of Australia’s leading media titles.

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