Personalized Star Trek Barware Beams in Your Home Bar –

Movies On Glass is expanding its Star Trek collection to include personalized barware. Now no other member of your crew should accidentally drink from your glass!

Drink from your own Star Trek barware

Now you can write your name and your rating on high quality Star Trek glassware. Movies on Glass offers customization for “on the rock” wine glasses and stalk-free wine glasses. Each one can be customized with a Starfleet ship (and suitable section emblem) along with your name and ranking selection.

Once I chose my brand, name and ranking, my order was shipped fast and arrived almost as fast as a long haul carrier. The glasses were well packaged, nestled in plenty of bubble wrap to protect them from damage during 21st century shipping.

There are 14 official CBS approved classes to choose from. You can choose the combadge style from six series: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT and DSC. For UFP glasses, you can personalize your ranking and name.

How is it done?

Each personalized iced glass costs $ 44.95, which is very Latin, but the results are still impressive. The additional cost of $ 19 compared to regular rocks and glasses without a stem is due to the double-sided engraving as well as the personalized designs that are created necessary to personalize each glass.

According to John Mascarich, the founder and CEO of Movies on Glass, they make each glass by hand and using sandblasting, which costs more than laser engraving, but he believes it has superior results. Each glass takes an hour to make and the quality is obvious. I have had a set of their engraved glasses for about 2 years and they look as good as the day I received them, even after many cycles of dishwasher.

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Having previously reviewed the other available licensed Star Trek glasses from Movies on Glass in 2020 (Starfleet Glasses and Alien Glasses), I can confirm that the glasses are durable. My colored Quarks Bar pilsner glasses are used daily and are cleaned in the dishwasher and have not faded or peeled (similar glasses I have from local breweries have not only lost their logos, but also have a lot of scratches). Mascarich explains, “We use high quality materials and processes in every case. For color, for example, our color digital printer costs over $ 300,000 and uses epoxy-based ink – it does not come off in the dishwasher! That’s why we have to charge $ 25 for a glass as opposed to the $ 15 that sellers charge for with a cheap process where the paint takes 6 months. “

You can watch a video of this process here:

Drink test

Of course, to really give the glasses a test drive, you have to use them, so the first drink I made in my new rock glass was a Picard Sour, which was recently unveiled at the Ten Forward Experience in Los Angeles. The exact recipe was not on the plate, so I guessed the proportions.

I just happened to have a bottle of James T. Kirk bourbon and Chateau Picard wine (what serious Trekkie does not have?). And my brand new glasses were the perfect boat for this Trek. It is heavy at the bottom and the glass is thick enough to feel solid in my hands. Do not worry about accidental breakage with the wash.

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Get your own personalized barware and see the entire Star Trek collection from Movies on Glass at And take it DISCOUNT 10 any Star Trek product, using the coupon code TREKMOVIE. Comes with a 100% “I Love It” guarantee! You do not pay if you do not like it.

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