Pedro Pascal’s film that we have all been waiting for has a perfect Rotten Tomatoes rating

By Doug Norrie 15 seconds ago

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal has a huge production that he is currently running on Star Wars universe with another huge video game adaptation on the road. But in the meantime, almost as a replacement for some of his other big-budget projects, the talented actor has been involved in a very post-comedy / action film that explores all sorts of ideas around fame, fiction, escape, me and many more. With Nick Cage, The unbearable weight of huge talent has been a long-awaited production for a while now thanks in large part to the great idea it is. And from early accounts, it works fully. Currently, the rating of Rotten Tomatoes is at 100% with people absolutely loving what they have seen in this movie.

In The unbearable weight of huge talent, Nic Cage impersonates himself, an actor who in this scenario is at the end of a very successful career. He is the Cage we know and love, having starred in all these big budget movies, but now Hollywood calls are starting to run out. Until Pedro Pascal as Javi Gutierrez calls him, a billionaire who wants to pay for the pleasure of just hanging out with Nic Cage, partying, going on adventures and actually becoming friends. But then things take a very strange turn. Watch the trailer for The unbearable weight of huge talent and you understand what I mean.

You see, it seems that Pedro Pascal in this scenario is a very dangerous man and the CIA needs Nic Cage to infiltrate the criminal organization, retrieve information and maybe even bring out the bad for good. It will mean that Nic Cage will draw on these action movies of his past, and he will have to channel Nic Cage to the screen we have loved all these years. It looks like Cage is Cage in every way and sarcastic. And Pedro Pascal is almost like the part of a villain who can really want Cage as a friend. It looks brilliant.

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And obviously, on this front, critics overwhelmingly agree that this film works perfectly. They praise the work of writer and director Tim Gormican in this, as he ostensibly managed to incorporate Nic Cage’s career into a perfect film. And they also agreed that Pedro Pascal is also a director, clearly capable of enduring the end of the deal in this post-film. It makes sense considering the flexibility of the actor and the overall gestalt on the screen. It can play many different children at the same time.

Of course, Pedro Pascal has some other huge things to come sooner rather than later. It has the 3rd season The Mandalorian, the series that triggered a huge wave Star Wars Disney + productions. And he is also going to star in his live adaptation The last of us based on the popular video game series. But before that, see him in this movie with Nic Cage when he hits theaters in the United States on April 22nd.

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