Optical illusions make viewers afraid they are color blind

The optical illusion on TikTok has divided viewers with many accusing the poster of deceiving them.

An optical illusion video showing a pyramid divided viewers on TikTok, with many accusing its creator of playing tricks on his followers.

The creator – who goes by the name @HecticNick – uploaded the video to the social media site, which has been viewed more than 600,000 times.

The video shows a pyramid with a black dot near its apex. Initially it appears to show the structure shaded in teal, while the sky behind it appears to be orange.

“Focus on the black dot in the center of this pyramid! After a while, I’ll show you the same image but in black and white, although it will look colorful to you,” explains HecticNick.

The video then appears to change the shadows, showing the structure in black and white.

HecticNick later claimed that once the viewer blinked, the video would return to color.

But not everyone can see the same thing.

“Am I the only one who sees black and white even when I stare at the dot?” one frustrated viewer asked in the comments section.

The comment garnered 100 replies, with many agreeing they couldn’t see the pyramids returning to color.

“WRONG. It didn’t work on me and I did it LIKE 26 TIMES,” another angry TikToker chimed in.

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Some were left to panic that they could be color blind after only being able to see the pyramids in black and white.

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HecticNick has not yet responded to the controversy and claims he is deceiving his loyal followers.

The popular TikToker boasts more than 3.9 million fans on the social media site, where it often shares optical illusions.

Earlier this week, a different optical illusion video he posted also went viral, meant to reveal whether viewers had poor eyesight.

“Only one percent of people can read what’s hidden in this picture — right?” The puzzle supplier is challenged in the clip, which triggers a flurry of reactions.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission.

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