One Major Scene on Netflix’s Bridgerton That Writer Julia Quinn Should Be In Season 2

Adapting a beloved series of books into a television show is no small task (as is Game of Thrones very know). There is a risk of straying from the source material too much and slaughtering the author’s original intent (as George RR Martin is well aware). However, when it comes to Netflix adaptations from the Regency era Bridgerton book, author Julia Quinn is emphatic about at least one major scene needed to make the cut in Season 2 of the hit show.

The new season is based (mostly) on the next sibling and the next book in the queue: The Viscount Who Loves Me. Borrowing a line from Anthony’s character, the show has “taken liberties” in terms of adaptation, but has remained in the top 10 on Netflix since its release on March 25. In an interview with Town & Country, Julia Quinn shared that there was only one scene she really felt the need to put in her. feet below, and it was the first pall mall scene. In it, the Bridgertons and “Sharmas” (though that’s not their surname in the books) play a lively game in the countryside. Quinn said:

I’m very hands off, but one of the few things that made my opinion famous was that the scene had to be there. I’m basically saying this is necessary [in the show], and they’re like, oh yeah, we’re ready. It’s not a fight.

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