Nicolas Cage names the three best films he has ever made

Productive actor Nicolas Cage is always moving from one project to another, taking on new characters in all types of genres to offer fans a variety of interpretations. People will have their own opinions on which particular films with Cage are the best of them all, and Cage himself has his own thoughts on that. Recently, the actor participated in Reddit AMA to promote his latest film The unbearable weight of huge talent. Here’s what he said to a fan asking him to pick just three of his films to save for the next ones.

“Bringing Out the Dead. Pig. Leaving Las Vegas.”

When another fan of his Leaving Las Vegas asked him to share more thoughts about this film, Cage reiterated that it is one of his top three films, right there with Pig and Taking out the dead.


“I think Leaving Las Vegas, Pig and Bringing Out the Dead are my three favorite shows of my own. I’ve not seen Leaving Las Vegas recently, but this movie and Elizabeth Shue’s work on this movie is what I aspire to continue towards, and I continued towards Pig, so I will always be ready for small budget, independent, dramas “.

In another response, the actor specifically states that the film won the critics’ award Pig presents his favorite play and considers it to be his best film, directed by Martin Scorsese Taking out the dead.

“Again, Pig is my favorite role and I think this movie, along with Scorsese ‘Bringing Out the Dead, are arguably my two best movies overall.”

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Pig is one of Nicolas Cage’s highest rated films

Pig is now the highest rated live-action film by Nicolas Cage on Rotten Tomatoes

Michael Sarnoski made his directorial debut in 2021 Pig, with Cage in the lead role. The film stars the actor as a truffle hunter whose pet pig was abducted, embarking on a journey to save his animal friend. The film was widely acclaimed and served as the live-action film with Cage’s highest rating at Rotten Tomatoes at 96%. It has just recently been overcome The unbearable weight of huge talent which currently has a perfect score of 100%.

Taking out the dead, released in 1999, was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Cage with Patricia Arquette, John Goodman and Wing Reims. In the film, Cage plays a depressed paramedic whose mind begins to unfold after years of witnessing horrific deaths and suffering. Unfortunately, the film bombarded the box office, but it did not go unnoticed by critics. The legendary critic Roger Ebert was even awarded Taking out the dead perfect 4 star rating.

The 1995 film Leaving Las Vegas written and directed by Mike Figgis. Cage starred opposite Elizabeth Shaw and Julian Sands, playing a suicidal alcoholic who moves to Las Vegas and develops a relationship with a prostitute. The film also received critical acclaim and won Cage the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance. She was also nominated for Best Director for Figgis, Best Actress for Shue and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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