Nicola Peltz gives a special wedding gift from David Beckham’s mother, Sandra


Beckham’s avid mother has gone to great lengths to give Nicola Peltz a unique wedding gift.

Sandra Beckham commissioned artist Adam Claridge to personalize a pair of white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers with images and sentimental messages, including a handwritten prayer by Peltz’s late grandmother.

The personalized shoes also feature a butterfly, rose, and a tattooed replica of the groom’s cherub Brooklyn Beckham.

Along with pictures and videos of the unique footwear on Instagram, Claridge wrote: “I was honored to have been asked to make this very special ‘for @nicolaannepeltzbeckham.”

Previous posts showed he had also made some shoes for Romeo Beckham’s model girlfriend, Mia Regan, who was a guest at the wedding.

Aspiring chefs Beckham and Peltz married last weekend at his billionaire father Nelson’s $76 million waterfront estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

The newlyweds have since enjoyed one of their wedding gifts – a $500,000 (about £384,000) reconditioned vintage Jaguar.

Soccer legend David Beckham gave the couple an impressive vehicle after they said “I do”.

Beckham has been spotted driving around Palm Beach and he even took Peltz’s best friend, Angela, for a spin on Tuesday.

Peltz, who appeared to be in the car behind them, captured the moment on camera and uploaded the photo to Instagram, writing: “My king and queen”.

While they continue to bask in the light of their exchange of vows, don’t expect to hear little footsteps in the future any time soon.

Brookyn said while she desperately hopes to one day start a family with Peltz, she wants to focus on her career first.

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He made the confession during a recently launched episode of Cookin’ With Brooklyn on social media.

In the clip, he is seen getting a pastry tutorial from experienced chef Nancy Silverton.

Speaking to the camera, he said: “I’m not a baker. It always looks so much fun, like you can do it with your kids. That’s why I wanted to learn to be a great baker before I had kids.”

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